10 different good and inexpensive lipstick options to try

Not everything cheap is bad, and in the makeup world, for example, you can find amazing products at affordable prices. Lipstick is one of the essentials in makeup and usually ends up more often than others, due to its daily use and the need to buy more, women end up looking for cheaper options. Meet now 10 choices brands of good cheap lipsticks to test at home.

Matte liquid lipstick and creamy stick lipstick are the two most popular in the market and are therefore easier to find. The matte liquid is generally more expensive than the stick, as the durability is greater in the mouth, however, the stick wins in terms of being able to use the product to the end, without leaving a trace in the jar.

Despite the difference between them, you can find both for a very good price, not exceeding 30 reais. In other words, choose the lipstick you like the most and the one that best suits your daily life. In addition, the range of colors, although they are inexpensive, is wide, so you will find the shade you prefer.

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What are the best brands of good and cheap lipsticks?

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We have separated 10 different brands, easy to find all over Brazil, which are cheap and the quality is surprising. These are options with a matte and creamy finish, to suit the personal taste of any woman.

Latika Lip Matte Red Liquid Lipstick # 20

A newer brand on the market, but which has won over many fans for its high quality lipsticks. In the option below, the lipstick chosen was the matte finish, one of the brand’s bestsellers.

Value: 22.90 BRL

good cheap lipsticks 1
Photo: Latika – Good and cheap lipsticks

Ruby Rose Feels Matte Liquid Lipstick # 369

Ruby Rose is one of the most popular Brazilian cheap brands among influencers and success lies in the quality of its products. In addition to foundation, the brand’s matte lipstick is a trend.

Value: 15.70 BRL

good and cheap lipsticks 2
Photo: Ruby rose

Eudora Niina Secrets Skinny red hibiscus mat

Eudora is a magazine brand that has also won over a large audience and the chosen lipstick was produced in partnership with influencer Niina Secrets.

Value: 19.59 BRL

good and cheap lipsticks 3
Photo: Eudora

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Matte touch me liquid lipstick Miss Lary – color: Larissa

Miss Lary is a very inexpensive brand that conquers a huge market place thanks to the quality of its products. The brand’s matte lipsticks are the best options.

Value: 12.00 BRL

good and cheap lipsticks 4
Photo: Miss Lary

Good and cheap lipsticks: Tracta matte liquid – color: nude

Tracta is another big brand in the market that partners with bloggers and their products are successful. It is possible to find cheaper lipstick options in the brand, such as matte liquids.

Value: 22.90 BRL

good and cheap lipsticks 5
Photo: Tracta – Good and cheap lipsticks

Matte Morenali liquid lipstick – Qui said Bérénice?

Another successful brand in Brazil is Quem Disse Berenice. The company’s lipsticks are of great durability and quality, which is why the brand is appreciated in the country.

good and cheap lipsticks 6
Photo: Who said Bérénice?

Good and cheap lipsticks: Avon Ultramatte 3.6g – color: apple

Avon is not a Brazilian brand but it is very successful in the country, being one of the best sellers. And yes, you can find cheap options in the brand and the most successful lipsticks are the sticks.

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