15 ideas of cuts to sublimate the waves

There are certain nomenclatures for categorizing hair, and wavy strands are type 2 and range from A to C. Type owavy 2b, it’s very common and anyone who goes through the hair transition, at some point, will have this wireframe structure. This kind of Hair it has a more open and less voluminous tuft and to enhance this type of yarn, you have to choose the right one. to cut.

If you put on a lot of weight wavy hair 2b has wide open curls and if you have a cut that leaves it light the curls can close and increase volume. The choice of cut will vary depending on how you want your hair to look and if you’re short on ideas, check out the cut inspirations to bank on.

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Chanel cut

The chanel cut, which is very short, is ideal for those who want to leave their hair nicely curled and with a lot of volume. This happens because of the loss of weight of the hair, which becomes lighter and leaves the hair more structured. This is a good option for those who are going through the hair transition and want to do the big chop (cut off the part of the hair that still has chemicals).

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Nozzle loop for wavy hair

A stylish cut, which highlights the waves and makes it more defined:

wavy hair 2b cuts 1

Straight cut for wavy hair 2b

The straight chanel cut makes the hair very light, improving the curvature of the strands:

wavy hair 2b cuts 2

shoulder length

A cut that suits all curves and all face types. If you want, you can bet on the bangs:

wavy hair 2b cuts 3

Chanel is the right choice for adding volume

The photo below shows the power of chanel to add volume to wavy wires:

wavy hair 2b cuts 4

chanel bangs

A super stylish inspiration that values ​​2b wavy hair:

wavy hair 2b cuts 5

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Medium cut for wavy hair 2b

The medium cut is for those who are looking for hair with definition, but without a lot of volume but also don’t want the curl to be so open. In other words, it’s a happy medium. It is ideal for those who have recently made the transition and want to understand how their hair works because it is an easy cut to finish and the result is amazing.

medium straight cut

An option that is suitable for all hair types and enhances wavy locks:

wavy hair 2b cuts 6

Medium cut with long bangs

In the length, a straight cut was used and the bangs up to the chin left the look more modern:

wavy hair 2b cuts 7

Medium layered cut for wavy hair 2b

Layers help bring more volume to locks, so if you want tighter waves, don’t worry:

wavy hair 2b cuts 8
@ elle.fernanda

Straight cut without bangs

Another inspiration from the cut that is error-free!

wavy hair 2b cuts 9

Shredded medium cut

As with the layered cut, the frayed cut leaves a voluminous hairline:

wavy hair 2b cuts 10

long straight cut

Long hair is for women who want smoother, open waves and with less volume. Due to the weight of long hair, the curls come undone and become more open, causing the effect of a slightly wavy hair. A great volume will only be if your hair is thick or has a lot of hair or go for cuts such as layers.

Long cut without bangs for wavy hair 2b

A cut inspiration for women with 2b wavy hair who aren’t looking for a lot of volume:

wavy hair 2b cuts 11

with long bangs

The long bangs bring movement to the hair and make the look even more stylish:

wavy hair 2b cuts 12
@ pamela.mendesr

Straight cut with volume for wavy hair 2b

An inspiration for wavy hair that has a lot of yarn:

wavy hair 2b cuts 13
@wavy inspiration

Long cut with long bangs

An inspiration using bangs below the chin line, leaving the hair with a lighter feel:

wavy hair 2b cuts 14

Layered cut for wavy hair 2b

A cut option for curls that want to add volume to the threads, go for the layered cut:

wavy hair 2b cuts 15

Remember that other aspects besides the cut define and transform your hair. When the hair is a texture, for example number 2 (wavy), you can go from A to C, just changing the finish and products.

For more open and natural waves, go for lighter finishes and for more closed waves, use a finish with a denser cream. This information is always on the packaging of the styling cream on the market.

Finally, it’s very simple:

  1. First, wash the strands with a shampoo suitable for your type of strand;
  2. Detangle your still damp hair;
  3. With a styling cream to finish, separate the small strands and continue to apply in the strands until the hair is completely finished;
  4. With a cotton shirt, knead the hair (plucking the tips and bringing them to the roots). The cotton cloth will help control frizz;
  5. Let it dry naturally and while it dries, avoid running your fingers or touching it anywhere, it will wrinkle or break your waves;
  6. Is ready!

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