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Harry Styles he’s been dictating fashion for quite some time, especially among Gen Z, to which most of his fans belong. After the success of the colorful cardigan and breaking through barriers by being the first man to pose alone on the cover of Vouge, the singer launched a new trend, but this time with decorated nails.

Three decorated nails were a hit in the hands of Harry Styles, the first with yellow polish and happy faces, the second with fruit decoration and the third mixing two shades of nail polish but no patterns. Learn about the trends started by the singer, get inspired by nail decorating ideas created from Harry Styles nails and learn how to make them at home.

Harry Styles smile facial nails

It is the most popular nail art used by the singer and that is why it has become a fashion. You can choose to use it like Harry Styles, with yellow nail polish as a base and on top make the face with black nail polish. But you can also innovate and use other designs than smiley faces. To be inspired:

The traditional, however, in one of the hands was also used sad faces:

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harry styles 1

The face is done with yellow and black nail polish, however, with a different background:

harry styles 2 nails

If you want, you can choose to put only two fingernails on each hand:

harry styles 3 nails

If you are looking for minimalist inspiration, this idea might appeal to you:

harry styles 4 nails

Another way is to use the encapsulated face:

harry styles 5 nails
@ cutie.nails.133

Another nail art that was all the rage in the hands of the former One Direction member is the fruit design. Harry used three different fruits, one on each nail and combined it with other items. Colorful and ideal for betting on next summer in Brazil. Check out ideas inspired by Harry’s trend:

harry styles 6 nails
Harry style nails by: @britneytokyo

The encapsulation technique is amazing with nails decorated with fruits:

harry styles 7 nails

Francesinha backwards, made at the base of the nails instead of the tips:

harry styles 10 nails

Minimalist nails inspired by Harry Styles

Another design made upside down but combined with common French:

harry nail styles 11

+ Nails neon: inspirations to convince you to bet on the trend

Harry Styles with black and blue nail polish

A simpler trend for those who want to use their nails like Harry Styles. In this case, he only used two shades of nail polish, one blue and one black. Classic and combine! However, if you want, you can combine these tones with patterns or even choose other colors.

harry styles 12 nails
Harry Styles

Harry Styles nails: how to do it?

The smile face is very easy to reproduce at home and only a few materials are needed, such as two shades of nail polish and a brush for the lines.

  • First, glaze your nail yellow and wait for it to dry;
  • Then, using a fine nail brush (nº000), take a little black nail polish and proceed with care by making the lines;
  • First make the small eyes, with two vertical lines or two small dots. Then make the mouth carefully;
  • Finish as a base to give the glossy finish.

There are two possibilities for fruit nails, the first is to use stickers with patterns already ready and it’s just a matter of sticking. Or draw some fruit, which takes a little more skill. But, we’ve put aside a tutorial that will teach you three different fruit nail decorating ideas:

Pineapple nails:

  • Use white nail polish to make the bottom of your pineapple;
  • With yellow nail polish and a # 000 brush, start by making an oval ball (you can be as big as you want);
  • With the green nail polish, make the pineapple leaves, they don’t need to be straight;
  • If you wish, you can stop here or do the traces inside with brown nail polish.

Strawberry nails:

  • Use white icing for the bottom of your strawberry;
  • With yellow nail polish and a # 000 brush, start by making an oval ball (you can be as big as you want);
  • Make leaves with green frosting and fill with lighter green frosting inside;
  • To give the strawberry effect, use a light colored nail polish by making small balls on the red nail polish.

Watermelon nails:

  • Choose a basic nail polish then start making an inverted triangle with the pink nail polish;
  • To get the watermelon shape, draw a small line with brush # 000 in white and then with green, however, green can make it thicker;
  • Finish with black dots inside the triangle.

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