15 long bob cut ideas for curly hair

O long cut it is modern and brings an incredible balance to the threads, which is why it is so popular in Brazilian salons. This cut was a trend in the 90s, but from 2015 to today it is back in fashion and promises to last much longer. It’s a classic cut and is suitable for all hair types, from straight hair to curly hair.

What is the long bob cut?

It is a chanel fit, varying in size from shoulder height to jaw line. The cut is straight, but one end is pulled in front of the hair, like a pointed chanel, but more discreet. The strands are not frayed, but may or may not contain bangs.

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Who can use the long bob cut?

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Any woman can use this style of cut, but be careful with women who have a thinner face, as this cut refines the features even more. In other words, if you have a round face and want to lighten it up a bit more, then go without fear on this cut.

However, because it suits all hair types, this cut is versatile and worn by all women. If you have a thin face and want to use it, play it. The trick is just harmonizing, but use what feels good and feel beautiful.

Long bob cut into short curly hair

The short and long cut is ideal for those who want a change of look and get out of their comfort zone. In this case, the length of the strands is above the jaw line including the tip which is made at the tip of the hair. It can be an inconspicuous beak or leave it very short behind, above the nape and increase in size until reaching the tips. It may or may not have bangs. Check out some ideas to get inspired by this cut.

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Long bob with the ends below the jaw line and very short at the back:

Long bob cut into curly hair 1

In addition to the ends, a long, low-profile bang has been done in this cut:

Long bob cut into curly hair 2
@ brunacarvalho19

At the ends, the beak was very delicate and almost imperceptible:

Long bob cut in curly hair 3

Another option of the short bob with bangs:

Long bob cut in curly hair 5

Long bob very short in the back and with a discreet beak at the ends:

Long bob cut in curly hair 4
@ drihquaresma.hair

Long bob cut into medium curly hair

The middle is between the height above the shoulders and just below the jawline. This is a cut for those who want to embrace short hair, but don’t want to radicalize the look. This length is beautiful to use with highlights and highlights and can also be done with bangs or not. Get inspired by a few ideas:

Even when thrown to the side, it is possible to see the sharp edges of the cut:

Long Bob Cut in Curly Hair 6

It starts very short in the back and ends at shoulder height:

Long bob cut in curly hair 7

A mid-length bob with medium volume:

Long bob cut in curly hair 8
@alizaque did

In this hair, the long bob is very straight and you can see the cut:

Long bob cut in curly hair 9

Another option with a lot of volume, but it is still possible to see the straight cut:

Long bob cut in curly hair 10

Long bob cut into long curly hair

The long long bob is below the shoulder line, but it also doesn’t go over the bust. The ends, as well as the two cuts above, are pointed and this makes the cut unique. The weight of the bouquet makes the cut even more beautiful, holds it in place and even brings balance to the hair. Check out some ideas to inspire you:

An option with a lot of volume and yet it is possible to see the marking of the cut:

Long bob cut in curly hair 13

The rear strands are very short, but the front tip is bigger, bringing a very modern look:

Long bob cut in curly hair 11
@beautiful woman

For those who like discreet tips, this cut is a big inspiration:

Long bob cut in curly hair 12
@ tamy.cout

Long square below the shoulder line, with a well-defined beak and lots of volume:

Long Bob Cut in Curly Hair 14

Another option for the more discreet cut, but still noticeable at the ends:

Long bob cut in curly hair 15

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How to fix long curly hair?

The finishing of the hair should follow the same way as any other cut. If you’re going through the transition and still don’t know how to finish your curly hair, here are some tips:

  • Wash your hair normally then detangle your hair;
  • You will need a styling cream that is suitable for your hair type and your curls (here is a guide to find out what your curl is);
  • Separate strand by strand and apply the cream with your hands (hair must be wet);
  • Do it all over the hair and remember not to apply it at the root;
  • When you are finished, crush the threads (from bottom to top) with your hands or with the help of a cotton shirt (the cotton shirt will leave more curls and more volume);
  • Let dry naturally and it’s ready.
  • A hint: if possible, do not run your hands after you are done, it may end up unraveling your curl.
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