20 haircut ideas for voluminous and thick hair

O Hair voluminous and thick it is predominant in wavy, curly and kinky women, but this strand structure can also be present in straight hair, although it is less common. There are several possibilities of polished for this type of hair, however, what will determine the cut is how the person wants to leave the hair.

Straight and longer cuts, leave hair with weight and thus maintain volume, this is a great choice for those who want to disguise volume or want to give strands movement, distributing the volume to all strands evenly. equal. Already more frayed and shorter cuts, take the weight of the hair, therefore will become more voluminous. It is therefore an ideal cut for those who want to highlight the volume of the hair.

Currently, five cuts are popular with women who have thick and voluminous hair, which highlights the strands and enhances this structure. So, before choosing any of the cuts below, always think about how you want to leave your hair.

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v cut

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This is a very common cut and suitable for women who do not want to pull their hair out. As it is used to leave long strands, this is a heavy stranded cut, ideal for those who want to reduce hair volume.

Combines with all strands, from straight hair to curly hair. Get inspired by some amazing ideas using the v-cut on thick, voluminous hair:

voluminous and chunky haircuts 1
haircuts for voluminous and thick hair 2
voluminous and thick haircuts 3
@ sandrinehair13
voluminous and thick haircuts 18

Contoured cut for women with thick, voluminous hair

Profiling is a very common style of frayed cutting. Instead of untangling the strands and layering the back of the hair, it is shredded in the front, creating bangs and going through the rest of the length. This is a medium cut, it doesn’t leave the hair so cocked up, but it also doesn’t take away as much volume from the strands.

The frayed front brings balance to the hair, creating a beautiful effect on the hair. This is an ideal cut for women who want to wear shorter bangs. However, usually only long bangs are made, which blend into the rest of the strands. Get inspired by cutting ideas fashioned in different hair:

voluminous and thick haircuts 4
voluminous and chunky haircuts 5
voluminous and chunky haircuts 6
voluminous and thick haircuts 19

straight cut

This is a very popular cut that is simple and does not radicalize the threads. It can be made either to make your hair long or short, into a straight ring. The length can change the behavior of the wire, because the shorter it is, the bulkier it can be.

The straight cut is a classic and can be combined with all types of yarn and it is for this reason that it is so popular with women. Get inspired by different thick and voluminous hair ideas using the straight cut:

voluminous and chunky haircuts 7
@mertayyildizogl ⠀
voluminous and chunky haircuts 8
@hangarhairart ⠀
haircuts for voluminous and thick hair 9
haircuts for voluminous and thick hair 20

Layered cut for thick, voluminous hair

Another classic cut and very popular with women. This is a good option for those who want a change of look without radicalizing it, as there is no need to change the length of the threads, if you don’t want to. Bringing lightness to the strands, the layered cut distributes the volume evenly throughout the hair, but it is not a cut that masks the volume, so be careful with that.

Women with curly hair and curly hair benefit from this cut because it improves the structure of the curl, leaving the waves much prettier without much finishing effort. Get inspired by a few ideas using the cut to inspire you:

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voluminous and thick haircuts 10
voluminous and thick haircuts 11
@ b_raycka.hair
voluminous and chunky haircuts 12
haircuts for voluminous thick hair 17

shaggy cut

This cut was very successful in the ’70s, especially with rock stars, and returned straight from the timeline, winning many women. Shaggy means messy in English, but the cut is far from messy. It gets its name from its shape, well cut, from root to tip.

If you are looking for a cut that gives more volume to your hair, bet on the shaggy. In addition to volume, the cut brings movement and lightness, being a very sought after effect by women with thick and voluminous hair. Get inspired by real hairstyle ideas that come straight from the time tunnel.

voluminous and chunky haircuts 13
voluminous and chunky haircuts 14
voluminous and thick haircuts 15
voluminous and thick haircuts 16

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Care of thick and voluminous hair

To enhance the chosen cut as well as the structure of the strands, it is important to maintain hair care:

The first step is, if possible, to keep your hair cut. Besides making the hair more beautiful, it is important to remove split ends and help in healthy hair growth.

So that the threads do not look heavy, it is important to use the right products, suitable for your type of thread. If you are looking for movement, prefer products with a lighter finish.

Thick, voluminous hair tends to be drier, so don’t skip hydration. Use moisturizing masks twice a week. In addition, invest in the hair calendar, so that the hair stays healthy.

Here in pajaris, we’ve got a comprehensive guide on how to care for thick, voluminous hair, with sure-fire tips and tricks to make your locks look even better.

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