25 blue makeup ideas for inspiration

With the modernization of makeup, the most vibrant and colorful eye shadows left the catwalks and began to be successful among women. This is the case of blue eyeshadow, which takes hold of social networks and daily makeup. There are several ways to use a blue makeup, from the most delicate to the most elaborate. See inspirations and learn how to do blue makeup at home.

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Simple blue outline

First, we’ve separated a more delicate way to use blue eyeshadow and an easier way to do it at home, which is great for women who are just starting out. The kitten eyeliner looks beautiful with this color, which can be achieved either with colored eye shadow or with eyeliner already in the color you want. With eye shadow, the pigmentation is less. Check out several ideas below using a kitten depicted in different shades of blue for inspiration:

blue makeup 1
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Different outline with blue color

A more elaborate way to use the blue outline, but which still requires little technique, are the different outlines. Currently, ready-made outlines are enjoying huge success, and just like traditional outlines, they can be done with shadow or with your own outline. Check out the best ideas and train at home so you can do it without suffering:

blue makeup 7
@ natytrinity
blue makeup 8
blue makeup 9
@ f4nny_
blue makeup 10
blue makeup 11
blue makeup 12

Inverted blue outline

Simple and very easy to reproduce at home, because it does not require a lot of technique to be made. In this case, a shadow below the waterline on the lower eyelid is used. In most makeup, shades of blue are used to make it more charming and not run the risk of running. Here are some simple product ideas to inspire and replicate at home:

blue makeup 13
blue makeup 14
blue makeup 15

Blue makeup with glitter

Glitter makeup is a classic and never goes out of style. It is perfect for parties such as prom, wedding, and nightclub. As the blue eyeshadow is vibrant, the glitter will accentuate and this effect, for this reason, if you are looking for something more understated this is not a good option. Also, if you want, you can use a lighter glitter blue in the center of the lids and a darker shade in the outer corner, leaving a hint of light and an even more glamorous look. Here are some ideas using this combination:

blue makeup 16
blue makeup 17
blue makeup 18
blue makeup 19
@ alinamyself2
blue makeup 20
blue makeup 21
blue makeup 22

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Delicate Blue Makeup

Yes, it is possible to achieve a more delicate makeup with a blue eyeshadow. In this case, the shine is left out, lighter and less vivid shadows invade the eyelids. To make the look even more delicate, choosing to put a smaller false eyelash and associate it with a very fine black outline makes all the difference. Here are some ideas to inspire you and copy:

blue makeup 23
blue makeup 24
blue makeup 25
blue makeup 26

What color of lipstick goes with blue makeup?

Blue eyeshadow, even in its weakest shade, is still vibrant and eye-catching. And for this reason, choosing the right color of matching lipstick causes many doubts in women. Blue eyeshadow is more harmonious, with nude lipsticks and not necessarily less vibrant. A stripped nude to brown (as in the example below) is perfect. Also, you can bring color with just one lip tint. But if you are daring and want to use a strong lipstick with blue eyeshadow, red is the best option. Remember that makeup is to make you look better and feel comfortable with other lipstick colors, bet fearlessly.

blue makeup 27

How to make up eyes with blue eyeshadow?

If you want to do your makeup in blue, we’ve got you covered with a simple walkthrough, with a single eye shadow color and more elaborate videos to watch.

  1. If you are not good with pigmented eye shadows, do your eyes first then your face;
  2. Start by applying a primer or concealer all over the eyelid;
  3. Then, using an eyeshadow brush, apply the blue eyeshadow on the mobile eyelid;
  4. With a blending brush, start by blending the corners and the concave, going up a little but without approaching the eyebrow;
  5. Fade until all marks disappear;
  6. After, if you wish, you can put a glitter on it or make a black kitten outline;
  7. Finish with false eyelashes and an eyelash mask.

How to apply makeup with shades of blue

The first video we made uses a few variations of blue and glitter, but it has a very delicate effect. Learn to do:

Blue and gold makeup tutorial

If you are looking for very delicate makeup with blue, you have just found it. The eyeshadow can only be used on the lower eyelids, providing a very elegant effect:

Smoky blue step by step with glitter

Makeup that looks super difficult because of its very elegant result, but it’s easy to do at home. Discover the complete step by step of a blue glitter makeup for the night:

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