25 ideas for a classic and chic nail

clear nails are always successful and the francesinha is a nail art classic, the two trends together form an unbeatable duo. Clear enamels are delicate, as well as francesinhas, which have long been used by brides due to their delicacy. So, if you are looking for inspiration for delicate nails that go beyond the traditional, bet on the combination of clear nails with francesinha.

Pink nails with francesinha

A classic for women who love clear, delicate nails. You can go for certain shades of pink, like pastel, baby, or burnt. In addition, the francesinha does not need to be made with white enamel only, you can use another delicate color. Get inspired by a few ideas:

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Delicate white woman with precious stones

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A very delicate pink enamel underneath, white stones and a very fine francesinha:

clear nails with francesinha 1

Thick Frenchie with butterfly pattern

In this case, despite the light tones, a very thick francesinha was used, which is ideal for long nails:

clear nails with francesinha 2

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Delicate French commune

A traditional option with white enamel:

clear nails with francesinha 3

Baby Blue Deconstructed Frenchwoman

If you want to get out of the ordinary, but still use light tones, this is the right choice for you:

clear nails with francesinha 4
@ nailsxinh.vie

French minimalist

With a very light, almost transparent pink:

clear nails with francesinha 5
@ pazumazu.nailsandart

Light nails with delicate francesinha

Another very minimalist option for women who love delicate nails:

light nails with francesinha 22

A delicate option using black enamel

It is possible to use transparent nail polish on the underside and on the top, bet on a stronger tone while remaining delicate:

clear nails with francesinha 25

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nude nail polish

Another popular color for women who love pale nails is nude. It is a shade of brown, very delicate and combines with all other nail polish colors. It is a classic and timeless. Here are some ideas using this tone to inspire you:

Bare enamel with white francesinha and pebble

Very delicate single stone, with a V-shaped francesinha:

clear nails with francesinha 6
@ bb.by.beatademeszuk

Delicate little French girl with cow print

Another option for those who want to step away from the obvious, but still use delicate nails. In this case, the imprint of the cow was made in very good French:

clear nails with francesinha 7

nude enamel with neon

Another way to use strong nail polish on pale nails:

clear nails with francesinha 8
@ nailslpc.xo

Francesinha with marbled effect

The marbled brings a unique and unstructured effect of the francesinha, while preserving the elegance and delicacy:

clear nails with francesinha 19
@ nailsdaily15

with white background

The color used to make the white background of the francesinha is called lace, it is traditional and often used by brides. But, over time, it gained space in the nail arts and began to be modified, thus becoming more modern. It is possible to use the classic, modify and leave still delicate. Here are some ideas:

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White background with francesinha in black and white

Francesinha made in two nails with black enamel and white details, and the other two upside down:

clear nails with francesinha 9

Light nails with deconstructed francesinha

Another variation of the deconstructed francesinha, but this time using red nail polish:

clear nails with francesinha 10

Nails with delicate francesinha in a shade of yellow

It is possible to use stronger tones:

clear nails with francesinha 11

Francesinha with enameled lace

A very delicate option, perfect for brides:

clear nails with francesinha 12

Classic French with white enamel and lace

Traditional, for those who like basic nails:

clear nails with francesinha 13

Clear nails with transparent francesinha

The lace serving as a base and on top, a small French outline called:

clear nails with francesinha 20

Clear nails with encapsulated nail polish

An option using lace as a base and encapsulated francesinha:

light nails with francesinha 23

with glitter

It is a classic in decorated nails and is still on the rise. With glitter it is possible to make delicate or eye-catching nails, it all depends on the personal taste of each woman. And contrary to what many people think, glitter looks beautiful if combined with clear nails. See below for some variations for help and get inspired:

Burnt rose with francesinha glitter

Glitter on only two nails and on the tip, giving the francesinha effect:

clear nails with francesinha 14

Transparent nails with francesinha: encapsulated glitter

Clear nails with silver glitter on the tips in the shape of francesinha:

clear nails with francesinha 15

Francesinha with delicate blue sequins

A tricky option, but using a bit more flashy tone:

clear nails with francesinha 21

Light nails with minimalist glitter

Another very delicate option, but with a 3D floral pattern, in addition to the glitter:

clear nails with francesinha 24

Nails with rose gold glitter

The francesinha was made with glitter, in a delicate way:

clear nails with francesinha 16

common and delicate sequins

The francesinha design made only on two nails with silver glitter:

clear nails with francesinha 17

Transparent nails with francesinha: encapsulated rose gold glitter

Another amazing option using the encapsulation technique:

clear nails with francesinha 18
@ jhenny.design

There are so many amazing options that it’s hard to pick just one. And if you want, you can bet on two inspirations at the same time or get an idea every week!

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