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Despite the smaller strands, it is possible to do several different and traditional hairstyles in short hair. If you have short hair and don’t know what to do differently with your locks, whether it’s for a formal occasion like a wedding or for everyday work, the pajaris brought several ideas of inspiration. Get inspired by over 25 ideas from hairstyles for short hair and choose your favorite to play whenever you want.

Semi-pinned for short hair

A classic hairstyle perfect for all occasions and also very easy to reproduce. The semi-up hairstyle can be combined with accessories or braids. It is usually tied at the back of the strands with a small amount of hair. If you want, you can choose to let go of the bangs. Check out some beautiful ideas of semi-up hairstyles for short hair and use them for any occasion:

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Semi-tied very delicate and with an accessory for brides:

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hairstyles for short hair 1

A semi-pinned low hairstyle, but with volume at the top:

hairstyles for short hair 2

An option with several twisted yarns, perfect for an evening:

hairstyles for short hair 3

Another option for brides, with floral accessories:

hairstyles for short hair 4

Another simple and delicate option, perfect for any occasion:

hairstyles for short hair 5

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Short hairstyles: braid

One of the oldest hairstyles in the world, the braid never goes out of style, whether in long or short hair. In short hair, there are many ways to use the braid, whether it’s on the side of the hair, on the top of the head, or doing a single braid. This hairstyle is beautiful for occasions such as weddings, graduation ceremonies, but it also changes the look of everyday life, bringing a different style. See some great ideas to inspire you and reproduce:

Simple braid coming from the side, very delicate:

hairstyles for short hair 6

Braid inlaid on the top of the head:

hairstyles for short hair 7
@ deagomeshair29

Two braids joined together, one simple inlaid and the other twisted:

hairstyles for short hair 8

Single-sided chevron-shaped braid:

hairstyles for short hair 9

Two simple side braids that meet at the back of the hair:

hairstyles for short hair 10

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Short hairstyles: tied to the side

A simple and delicate hairstyle for short hair. In this case, it doesn’t take a lot of experience to do it, it’s just a bit of the wick on the side. The side with less volume, if desired, can choose to put on barrettes or do small braids. Check out some great ideas to get inspired by wearing your hair tied to the side:

Tied to the side with delicate cleats:

hairstyles for short hair 11
@ dear little girl

Glued to the side with small indented braids:

hairstyles for short hair 12
@ liliam.loved

Another option using the clip:

hairstyles for short hair 13
@Lucy Hale

In this case, an accessory was used on the back of the wires:

hairstyles for short hair 14

Another inspiration using an integrated braid:

hairstyles for short hair 15

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Hairstyles for short or frizzy hair

There are endless possibilities for styling both curly and curly hair, and due to the volume of this type of strand, the hairstyles look even more stunning and relaxed. You can bet on semi-tied with accessories, low or high bun, or tie on the side. To be even more beautiful, always favor volume, to highlight your hair. See some beautiful hairstyle inspirations for short curly and curly hair:

A semi-trapped with a delicate bouquet of dried flowers:

hairstyles for short hair 16

Glued on the side with volume on the top and a delicate curl:

hairstyles for short hair 17

Another inspiration glued to the side, but this time with a larger accessory, ideal for brides:

hairstyles for short hair 18

A ponytail with a lot of volume in the back:

hairstyles for short hair 19 hairstyles for short hair 19

A minimalist inspiration using a single clip and highlighting the volume of the curls:

hairstyles for short hair 20

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How to wear short hair on a daily basis?

For everyday wear, the best options for short hair are accessories such as barrettes and scarves, and relaxed mid-top hair. Find below some ideas to inspire you and reproduce at home, whether to go to work or for a happy hour with friends:

Just a bright clip on straight hair:

hairstyles for short hair 21

A simple bandana already changes the look and brings a different style to your short hair:

hairstyles for short hair 22

A very tall and well stripped semi-coke:

hairstyles for short hair

A high and clean ponytail for everyday life:

hairstyles for short hair

Another inspiration using a striped bun, but this time it has been teamed with a scarf:

hairstyles for short hair

Finally, an inspiration using several animal print clips on the side of the hair:

hairstyles for short hair

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