25 ideas for women with short hair

The effect shiny brunette is in vogue among women with dark hair who want to update their look, but without anything drastic. Lighted up brunette lights are suitable for all hair types and cuts, from short hair even long, bringing an amazing look.

Different tones can be used to achieve the light effect, from brighter lights such as pearlescent and gold, to more closed lights, which are tones of honey and caramel. Also, the root is preserved to bring the luminous effect to the strands, but without radical change.

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Honey lights for short hair

The honey color is one of the most used at the moment to create the light brown effect. It’s a burnt gold, which looks great on hair in darker tones, like medium, dark, and black brown.

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Plus, it’s a good option for darker skinned women and works great on dark skin. Honey lights transform the look without radical change, illuminating the hair but also the face.

In short hair, to bring out the light brown effect, thinner strands are achieved by keeping at least 2 fingers from the root in the natural tone. Get inspired by some ideas using tone to lighten hair:

shiny brunette short hair 1
shiny brunette short hair 2
shiny brunette short hair 3
shiny brunette short hair 4
shiny brunette short hair 23
shiny brunette short hair 5
@ robin.garcia_
shiny brunette short hair 25
Bright brunette with short hair – @charlesmonticusa

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Pearly lights for short hair

The pearl sheds a little more radical lighting and little of the natural color is retained, leaving only a slight smoke. As it is clear, care should be taken in leaving the roots and hair in a natural tone so that it does not get marked or stained.

It is a platinum color and suitable for women with lighter skin, but can be easily matched with black and brunette. Here are some amazing ideas to inspire you with pearly lights:

shiny brunette short hair 6
shiny brunette short hair 7
shiny brunette short hair 8
shiny brunette short hair 9
@ danielletavares2
shiny brunette short hair 10
shiny brunette short hair 24
Bright brunette with short hair – @balancomeublack

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Bright brunette for short hair with golden highlights

The golden streaks are similar to honey, but they are a bit lighter, bringing a different effect. Like honey, it is a shade very popular with women who want to bet on the light brown effect, because it brings luminosity in a natural way.

It is suitable for women with warm white (with a reddish background), dark and black skin. It’s a perfect shade for medium to dark brown hair and matches short hair. It is possible to leave more strands with natural hair and a thicker root, without adding a mark, leaving the transition smooth. Here are some ideas to inspire you using tone:

shiny brunette short hair 11
shiny brunette short hair 12
@good official
shiny brunette short hair 13
shiny brunette short hair 14
shiny brunette short hair 15
shiny brunette short hair 21
Bright brunette with short hair – @amauryalvescabeleireiro

Caramel lights for the illuminated brunette effect

The caramel lights are very close to honey and gold, however, a little more closed, with a background pulled towards red. It gets its name because the tone resembles a toffee candy. Like the other more closed tones, it is ideal for those who want to lighten up without becoming radicalized.

This is the shade that best matches black and dark brown hair. Also, in brown and black skin toffee highlights are more harmonious than in white women, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it.

It can be used both for ombre hair (strands at the ends) and for strands that start from the roots. Get inspired by several ideas using caramel lights to make a bright brunette with short hair:

shiny brunette short hair 16
shiny brunette short hair 17
shiny brunette short hair 18
shiny brunette short hair 19
shiny brunette short hair 22
shiny brunette short hair 20
Bright brunette with short hair – @studiourbanrv

Hair care with lightening brown effect

The light brown effect is obtained from the discoloration of the strands (which must be done in the salon and with a test of strands beforehand). In order for the effect to remain beautiful even weeks later, special care is required and, in addition, the hair must be cared for so that it does not suffer from breakage, dryness or chemical cutting.

The first and most important step is to moisturize at least once a week with a hair care mask with highlights. If possible, visit the salon every fortnight for deeper, more adequate hydration.

The products that will be used on your hair should be for strands with highlights to maintain color and prevent hair problems.

As much as possible, avoid using heat sources so as not to dry out the wires. But, if this is not possible, bet on a good thermal protection before using the flat iron, dried and babyliss.

Run away from the pool water, in addition to bleaching the color due to chlorine, it will completely dry out the hair. But if you have dived in the pool, wash your hair immediately afterwards and never let the pool water dry on your hair. Use running water to remove excess chlorine, then wash your hair normally. Ditto for sea water.

These are simple tips, but they make all the difference in the end result!

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