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Neither too long nor too short, the happy medium of medium hair This is what makes this cut such a hit with modern women. To renew the look and continue with the medium cut, a good option is to bet on the bangs. Currently, five styles of fringes are successful and can be used by different types of faces.

Discover the five most chosen bangs of the moment and be inspired by different ideas of medium hair combined with bangs. There are 25 images to show you the versatility of the look and make the right choice for your next haircut.

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fringe curtain fringe

The curtane fringe is without a doubt one of the trends of the moment and it has even conquered the celebrities. It’s a variation of the curtain fringe, but it’s left a bit longer and open in the center. It is usually paired with a shaved or layered haircut so that the bangs blend in with the rest of the strands, creating a unique look.

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Curtain bangs with frayed hair

A very modern option that values ​​the medium haircut:

medium hair with bangs 11
@ nicole.abdalla

Medium length hair with bangs and V cut

Because it is shredded from the roots, it creates a very modern waterfall effect:

medium hair with bangs 12

long curtain bangs

An option for those who want to wear this style of bangs but aren’t looking for a drastic change:

medium hair with bangs 13
@ lovelylooksby.lisa

Straight cut curtain fringe

For those who like a medium straight cut, this inspiration with bangs is for you:

medium hair with bangs 14

Fringe without volume

A very delicate option for medium hair with bangs:

medium hair with bangs 15

fringe curtain

The curtain is very similar to the curtain and it is from him that this model came. Unlike the first, it is a bit shorter and closed or slightly closed in the center. Another aspect of this type of cut is that the curtain starts out smaller in the center of the bangs and expands to the sides, joining with the rest of the hair. To showcase this style of bangs, the most suitable medium cut is the straight one.

Frayed Hair Curtain

A very stylish option to match your average cut:

medium hair with bangs 16

Curtain with medium straight hair

The bangs are responsible for bringing movement to the hair:

medium hair with bangs 17

Fringe for medium hair

A classic option of curtain bangs used in medium hair:

shoulder length hair with 18 bangs

Curly bangs for curly hair

This cutting style is suitable for all types of wire:

medium hair with bangs 19
@ lehviana.28

Straight hair curtain bangs

An option for women with straight hair:

medium hair with bangs 20
@ felipe.coiffeur

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long bangs

It is ideal for those who want to renew their look, but without radicalizing the cut. The long bangs are below the line of your nose and can reach your chin, depending on the length of your hair. The most used form of this style of bangs is the frayed bangs, which blend with the rest of the strands to create a curtain effect on the side. Usually one side is used for each side, but if you want you can choose to use only one side.

Cut in layers

With the layered cut, the long bangs blend in with the rest of the strands:

medium hair with bangs 21

Medium straight cut

The bangs are what bring movement to the hair:

medium hair with bangs 22

Long V-shaped bangs

The bangs in this case bring a wavy effect, which is amazing for any type of hair:

medium hair with bangs 23

frayed bangs

In this inspiration, the haircut is very straight but the bangs were frayed leaving an amazing look:

medium hair with bangs 24

Shredded medium cut

In this case, in addition to the bangs, the hair is also frayed, however, very soft:

medium hair with bangs 25

straight bangs

Classic and timeless. Straight bangs have been worn for many years, by many women for a long time. It is a type of bangs that are suitable for women with thin or triangular faces. In the center, the bangs are very straight, we can clearly see the scissors marking and always above the eyebrow line. For a more natural effect, rub lightly on the sides.

with the longest side

In the center, the bangs are very straight and the transition was on the sides, which fray:

medium hair with bangs 1

Straight bangs with frayed hair

The frayed makes a nice transition from the bangs to the rest of the strands:

shoulder length hair with bangs 2
@ deux.conseils

simple straight bangs

An inspiration without transition, very straight and covering the eyebrow:

shoulder length hair with bangs 3
@ music.hair2

Straight bangs in medium hair

Another amazing option using straight bangs without fraying:

medium hair with bangs 4

Straight bangs with layered cut

An option to bring a lot of movement and volume to the threads:

medium hair with bangs 5

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short straight bangs

This is a very controversial bangs and not all women like this style of bangs. It is very short, being above the brow line and showing a good part of the forehead. If you want a less drastic change using this bang style, go for moderately shredded hair. However, if you want a modern and sleek look, use short bangs that are very straight and with your hair also in a straight cut.

Medium straight cut

An option with very short bangs, which stands out a lot from the rest of the strands:

medium hair with bangs 6

Short bangs in wavy hair

This style is amazing for women with full hair:

medium hair with bangs 7
@ lis.sant.az

Short bangs with frayed hair

A super stylish option for those who want to radicalize their look:

medium hair with bangs 8
@ m0rganaleao

Short, straight bangs with a frayed cut

Another option with very short bangs:

medium hair with bangs 9

Short bangs in medium haircut

Finally, another inspiration of short bangs, but in a thicker strand:

medium hair with bangs 10

Now that you know all the options, pick your favorite and get started with the new look.

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