25 inspirations for the right tone for all women

Blonde has several shades and that is why it is so successful, adapting to all skin tones and hair types. One of the variations is golden blonde, which brings light to the threads in a unique way. Inside the golden blonde there are undertones, a more closed golden that pulls towards honey and also the lighter, almost platinum.

Golden blonde, attracted to honey, goes well with dark and black skin, while platinum is more harmonious in people with fair skin. But, despite the harmony of a complexion in a certain skin type, choose what makes you feel good and what you like, because the important thing is to feel beautiful.

If you’ve fallen in love with the golden blonde, but for some reason haven’t decided whether you’re going to do the lights or not, get inspired by 25 different tone ideas. We separate the inspirations of the most diverse types of hair and also in length, to bring ideas to all women.

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golden blonde with short hair

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Since it’s short, with few highlights, it’s already possible to create a natural effect and keep the tone throughout the hair, but if you’re looking for something more subdued, thicker, more punctuated strands may be best. choice. To make it even more natural, preserve the natural color of the root by bringing a smoky tone to the hair. See below for several short hair ideas using golden blonde:

golden blonde 1
golden blonde 2
@ salao.magnolia
golden blonde 4
golden blonde 3
@ salao.magnolia
golden blonde 5

Golden lights in medium hair

For medium hair the possibilities are greater, because it has longer strands than the example above, it is possible to use the ombre hair technique, which uses strands only at the ends. But if you want to completely lighten the strands, go for highlights all over the hair or on thicker strands. Take inspiration from several ideas below of golden highlights in medium hair:

golden blonde 6
golden blonde 7
golden blonde 8
golden blonde 9
@ rafaelfernandes30
golden blonde 10

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Golden lights in long hair

As well as in medium, there are several possibilities to use golden blonde. Highlights can be done only at the ends, the entire length of the hair from root to tip, or leave the root smoky, maintaining the natural color of the hair. All over the hair, it looks natural blonde, leaving an incredible result. Here are some ideas of golden highlights on long hair to inspire you:

golden blonde 11
golden blonde 12
@ yurias-assuncao_art
golden blonde 13
golden blonde 14
golden blonde 15

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golden blonde with curly hair

For curly hair, golden blonde works the same. It can be done on both short and long hair. The result of the highlights in curly hair is amazing, as it brightens and highlights the curls even more. To make the result more natural, bet on stronger golden lights and less platinum. If you’re curly, check out the amazing ideas to get inspired:

golden blonde 16
golden blonde 17
@inspiration loops
golden blonde 18
golden blonde 19
@ brag_
golden blonde 20
@ wladimir.wyllian

golden blonde with curly hair

Golden blonde on curly and frizzy hair can be achieved in the same way, as they are very similar textures. However, curly hair tends to have more volume and therefore the highlights are stunning, further emphasizing the beauty of voluminous locks. But be careful, curly and curly hair is naturally drier because of the curl, so don’t forget to take good care of discolored strands. Get inspired by curly hair with golden highlights:

golden blonde 21
golden blonde 22
golden blonde 23
golden blonde 24
golden blonde 25

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What is the color of golden blonde?

There are different shades of golden blonde, from the weakest to the strongest. Natural golden blonde is numbered 7.3, light golden blonde 8.3, medium blonde 7.5 and 6.7. But, it is possible to get the tone by fading. It is worth taking into account the color of your natural hair, which may bring a different result, that is, in light brown hair the result of coloring will be different in black.

How to get a golden tint?

There are two ways to achieve the golden blonde tone, by bleaching more ink from the numbers above or bleaching the threads. Both procedures are aggressive on the wires and for this reason it is imperative to do it with a professional. In addition to running the risk of staining, hair can suffer from discoloration and become elastic or unhealthy.

Another important thing to do before bleaching your hair is to do a strand test. If there is no damage to the hair on the strand in which the procedure was performed, you can go ahead and make full strands. Otherwise, if the hair becomes elastic or brittle, unfortunately it will not be possible to change the tone at this time. In other words, to wear golden blonde it is important to have healthy hair.

How to take care of hair with golden highlights?

Caution with golden lights should be the same as any color of lights. Discover now the most important steps to follow and have beautiful hair for long weeks:

  • Hydration should be your priority due to the fade and the chemistry of the strands. Do it twice a week;
  • Avoid hot flashes, but if you cannot reduce use, always dry your hair only after applying a heat shield;
  • Use a tinted shampoo to maintain the color of the threads without fading;
  • Avoid the sea and the swimming pool, because in addition to drying out your hair, the water can turn your lights green;
  • Bet on quality products, especially those indicated by your hairdresser to keep your hair always healthy.

Now that you know the undertones and you know how to take care of your hair with highlights, you are ready to choose your favorite shade of golden blonde and have a new look.

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