28 makeup ideas for São João women in 2021

Saint Jean is a typical Brazilian feast, to celebrate the day of the saint who bears the same name. This season coincides with the traditional June festival and that is why in Brazil they celebrate together and the look is the same used in both festivals. the traditional Saint-Jean makeup, with polka dots on the face and rustic clothing are the biggest hits of the month of June.

What is the feast of Saint John?

According to the Brasil Escola website, with the popularization of the pagan holiday, the June holiday, when Christianity gained strength, the Catholic Church took advantage of the date to transform this holiday into a Christian holiday. This celebration came to Brazil with the Portuguese and at the beginning it was called lady party, with reference to São João. But it was quickly renamed and was renamed Junina, because of the coming month.

The feast of St. John begins on June 13 and ends on the 24, official day of St. John the Baptist, of the Catholic Church. In Brazil, the party is stronger in the northeast and the country’s largest São João takes place in Campina Grande, Paraíba.

In addition to typical traditional foods, characterization is also important. In schools, children dress in junina, with a pigtail hairstyle, braids and polka-dot makeup on the cheek, and sardines. Of course, adults are also ‘in the groove’ of characterization, so the pajaris brought some beautiful makeup ideas for women to wear to São João party.

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Makeup with glitter eyeshadow for the June party

An option for women who love sparkly makeup! In these examples, the shine is only in the shadows, bringing a more feminine and delicate look to São João makeup. Check out some inspiration ideas:

With golden eyeshadow, thick outline, hot pink lipstick and delicate freckles:

St. John Feminine Makeup 1

An eye with a very strong eyeshadow in a shade of red with shine and lipstick of the same shade:

Female St. John Makeup 2

Another dainty St. John makeup option, featuring shiny eyeshadow, red lipstick, and understated freckles:

Wife St. John Makeup 3

More pronounced freckles, with shiny gold eyeshadow and pink lipstick:

Woman St. John makeup 4
@full makeup_on

The traditional polka dots on the face, with an orange eyeshadow with white glitter and red lipstick:

Wife St. John Makeup 5

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Saint John Classic Makeup

What is traditional St. John makeup? It is made up of two main elements, the first one plays it with a well marked blush and the second element, which are the blackheads. At the start of the June makeup, the eyes were more delicate and the mouth with red lipstick. That is to say without too much glitter or concentration on the eyes. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Polka dots made with a black pencil, on a pink blush and a red lipstick:

St. John Feminine Makeup 6

Colored eyeshadow only on the lower eyelid to make it very discreet, with large freckles on the nose and cheek area:

St. John Feminine Makeup 7

Single eyes, freckles and lipstick:

St. John Feminine Makeup 8

A more delicate eye shadow, with polka dots on the cheek and a stronger lipstick:

St. John Feminine Makeup 9

Another example of more discreet eyes and well marked balls:

St. John Female Makeup 10

A kitten with contours without eye shadow, polka dots and lipstick:

St. John Feminine Makeup 11
@full makeup_on

Saint John makeup with colored eyeshadow

For those who love colored eyes, this topic is for you! The cool thing about São João makeup is that you can play around with the colors and colored elements, so that you can mix two or more eyeshadow colors. Here are some great ideas to inspire you:

Eyes colored with four shadows and prominent freckles:

St. John Feminine Makeup 12

A neon yellow shade, with a kitten outline and sardines on the face:

St. John Feminine Makeup 13

Two strong eyeshadows and with a well-marked freckle cheek:

St. John Feminine Makeup 14

A neon red eye shadow, with freckles on the cheek and red lipstick:

St. John's Makeup Woman 15

Pink and blue eyeshadows, with well-defined sardines and no lipstick:

St. John Feminine Makeup 16

Saint John Creative Makeup

If you love artistic makeup, you can’t miss the inspirations below. In this column, St. John’s makeup is aimed at women who want to show off all their makeup expertise or catch the eye wherever they go. Check out some ideas to inspire you:

with small flags

Small colored flags on the face and very discreet freckles:

St. John's Woman Makeup 17

Small flags only on the forehead, with traditional makeup:

St. John Female Makeup 18

Small colored flags scattered over the face:

St. John Female Makeup 19

Small flags in just three different colors:

St. John Female Makeup 20

For those who want discreet flags:

St. John's Makeup Woman 21

An option with glitter flags:

St. John Feminine Makeup 22

With drawings from June

A very creative option, with little flags, neon lines and a bonfire:

St. John Female Makeup 23

Balloons, scarecrow elements and flags:

St. John Feminine Makeup 24

A Saint-Jean bonfire:

St. John Woman Makeup 25
@ biaveiga.2

Another option using campfire designs:

St. John Feminine Makeup 26

A balloon suspended from the outline:

St. John Feminine Makeup 27
Photo: Pinterest

A very colorful option, with colorful polka dots:

St. John Female Makeup 28

Watch the step by step

How to make a small feminine St. John makeup ball?

Many women may have doubts about making traditional freckles and polka dots on the cheek. It’s very simple and takes less than a minute to do:

  • The first step is to buy a black or brown pencil (the black will be more marked and the brown more discreet);
  • Point the pencil so that the point is very fine;
  • Start by doing in the desired places. If the pencil is well pigmented, just apply the tip to the face;
  • Apply a translucent powder on top so that it doesn’t get damaged and you’re done.

Which idea did you like the most? There are so many great options that it’s hard to pick just one!

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