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The leaf branch is delicate and its meaning conquers many people, this is one of the reasons that made this design so popular. It can be done literally anywhere on the body and any size you want, big or small. If you want to make a branch tattoo leaf, see beautiful inspirations to inspire them and who knows how to reproduce.

What does the branch tattoo mean?

The branch has a sense of prosperity, beginning, newness and phases of change. At certain seasons of the year the branches are dry, but everyone knows that months after this dry phase new leaves and flowers will emerge, bringing a rebirth of life. And that is the meaning of this tattoo, regardless of where it is drawn.

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Branch tattoo surrounding the forearm

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One of the most popular places right now to draw the bouquet of leaves. Usually, on the forearm, the branch goes around the arm forming a large tattoo. So, to draw in this place, remember that it will always be visible. Despite the size that is done in this place, the branch tattoos are delicate, they are done with fine lines, shaded and with delicate leaves. Check out some forearm branch tattoo ideas to get inspired:

Branch tattoo 1
branch tattoo 2
Branch tattoo 3
Branch tattoo 4
Branch Tattoo 5
@ ba.schiavinato

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twig tattoo on fingers

Another way to loop branches around the body is with your fingers. This is an option for those who want to do this design, but are looking for a smaller, even visible tattoo. The return can be in a single finger or in several. Moreover, it also looks good if it is tattooed on the toes, which makes it even more delicate. See some ideas of this design on your fingers to inspire you and, who knows, reproduce:

branch tattoo 6
branch tattoo 7
branch tattoo 8
@ vanessabelcari.ink
Branch Tattoo 9
@ moonlight.witch.art
Branch Tattoo 10
@ dyzero11tattoostudio

Branch tattoo around ankle

Another option for those who liked the branches going around the body, but in this case it is the ankle. This spot is more discreet than the arms and is perfect for those who like to get big tattoos. You can choose to wear the design on your feet or just leave the branch around your ankle. Like the previous ones, the branch is delicate and made with a fine line. Here are some ankle branch tattoo ideas to inspire you:

Branch Tattoo 11
Branch Tattoo 12
branch tattoo 13
Branch Tattoo 14
branch tattoo 15

above the bust

Between the shoulders and the breasts, this is a great place for anyone looking to get a leaf branch tattoo. In this case, it is ideal for those who cannot have a noticeable tattoo on a daily basis, as they will only appear in a bikini or strapless blouse (hopefully). Usually at this place two branches are made, one on each side and all in a thin line. As this place has more space, you can go for a very large tattoo, however, the more delicate ones are also successful. Check out some inspiration ideas below:

Branch Tattoo 16
branch tattoo 17
branch tattoo 18
Branch Tattoo 19
Branch Tattoo 20
@ kr.tattooer

between the breasts

The tattoo between the breasts has become a fever among women, especially in 2020 and has continued to be very successful this year. This is called an underbob tattoo and it looks stunning with this branch design. At this point, it is even more discreet and only appears when you wear a very deep neckline, a cropped or a bikini. For this reason, it is ideal for women who do not like visible tattoos. It can be very small between the breasts or large, going from the middle to below the breasts. Check out some branch tattoo ideas here to get inspired:

branch tattoo 21
Branch Tattoo 22
branch tattoo 23
Branch Tattoo 24
branch tattoo 25
@ lira.ink

On the rib and the side of the breasts

Finally, two other places perfect for those who want to do something more delicate and less apparent. The branches are beautiful as well on the sides of the breasts as on the rib. In addition, on the coast you can choose to make a very big branch and if you don’t want to show it, then there is no problem, since in this place you will only appear with a cropped shirt or hollowed out on the side. Get inspired by several beautiful branch tattoo ideas:

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branch tattoo 26
@ tati.tferreira
branch tattoo 27
branch tattoo 28
branch tattoo 29
Branch Tattoo 30

Where is the best place for a female tattoo?

The place is yours, according to your personal taste. If you want more visible tattoos, go for the arms, legs below the knees, neck or hands. If you like more hidden tattoos, on the rib, the breasts and the belly are the most indicated. Do it where you feel best and want!

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