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What if you took advantage of the start of the year to forget old habits and take care of your skin with affection? ❤

Here, it is always said that skin care goes far beyond aesthetics. It is about knowing and caring for your own body with love. It’s about understanding our cycles and leveraging each phase. Taking care of your skin is not waging war against the mirror and the wrinkles of our smile… it is quite simply an act of self-love.

That’s why we’ve separated 5 habits to fit into your daily routine that will make your skin look even more amazing, this year and for years to come.

# 1 Five minutes of your day will be spent cleaning your skin.

When we talk about ‘cleansing the skin’, don’t think of it as smashing blackheads / pimples and walking away from the mirror with your face all pockmarked with nails, okay? This you can stop doing right away. MDR

Cleansing the skin involves using plenty of running water and a soap appropriate for your skin type, at least once a day. Ordinary soaps are very harsh on the skin of the face. Using the wrong soap (or just not using soap) can sabotage your skin and cause a huge imbalance.

Remembering that: always use cold water / dry your face with a clean towel / exfoliation should be done at regular intervals.

# 2 You will take off your makeup even if you come in upside down.

Make-up has a lifespan, after a pass on the skin (8h to 16h depending on the base), it oxidizes and turns into a little dirt which can clog the pores, cause pimples and dry out the complexion. Leaving our skin ugly, opaque and full of blackheads.

Want to know how to avoid it? Micellar water + soap.

# 3 the moisturizer for everyone!

Regardless of your skin type, you should use a moisturizer. Seriously, oily skin that lacks moisture produces even more sebum trying to compensate for the lack of fluid. And with dry skin, you don’t even have to talk, do you? They crack and, in more severe cases, can even hurt. So don’t be silly, find a moisturizer that looks like you and use it every day.

Sunscreen # 4 is for everyday, not just the beach.

This advice is typical of a mother (or Pedro Bial) but it is VERY TRUE. Daily sunscreen is the best way to prevent premature aging. There will be no point in taking care of your skin, fill it with anti-aging if the sun punishes your skin with UVA / UVB rays.

# 5 Pick a vitamin C that’s right for you.

Vitamin C is the new favorite ingredient! In addition to preventing aging, it has a drying power (against pimples and inflammation), fights blemishes, stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, moisturizes and has no contraindication. Do you want better than that ???

Here in this article, we have explained the benefits and given some options separated by age group.

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