5 types of average haircuts for women in 2021

O medium cut it is one of the cups that have the wind in their sails this year 2021 and which is in great demand in Brazilian salons. This is ideal for those who want a new look without going radical and it’s the happy medium, neither too short nor too long. It is suitable for both curly women and straight hair.

Besides combining with all hair types, the medium cut is suitable for all face types as it has a few variations, ranging from straight cut to layered cut. If you want to adopt shoulder-length hair, look now for several ideas to inspire you and make yourself fashionable.

What is an average haircut?

It’s a cut that’s shoulder length, can be two fingers up or even four fingers down from the shoulders, depending on what style you’re betting on. In other words, as already mentioned, it is the happy medium because it is not long and it is not long either.

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Medium straight cut

The straight cut is democratic, it is suitable for all types of faces, from round to thin. The height of the front of the strands is the same as that of the back, following a line. It usually doesn’t have bangs, but if you want you can bet and leave the rest of the hair cut straight.

It looks amazing for women who want to lighten their hair with highlights, leaving an even more stunning look. If your hair is too thin, cutting it straight can make it less voluminous, so if you don’t want that effect, then avoid it. Check out some ideas for betting on the trend later:

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Medium haircut 1
Medium haircut 2
Medium haircut 3
Medium haircut 4
Medium haircut 5

cut beak

The spiked trend started with the chanel, but it has gained so much fame that women with shoulder-length hair are also betting on the look.

This is a cut for those who want to slim the face, because it has wider tips than the back, it brings this effect to the look. So, if your face is thin and you don’t want to be even slimmer, then skip this cut. For those who like to wear straight hair, this cut is perfect as it is the hair style that values ​​the tip the most. Check out some ideas to inspire you and maybe copy:

Medium haircut 6
Medium haircut 7
Medium haircut 8
Medium haircut 9
Medium haircut 10

cut in layers

If you want to add volume to your medium locks, fearlessly go for the layered cut. As the name suggests, it is done in several layers throughout the hair (usually three) and is the perfect cut for making bangs, especially the longer ones. In addition, it is very harmonious with women with thin faces, but nothing prevents you who have another type of face to use. Check out some beautiful layered medium cut ideas:

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Medium haircut 11
@ fabriccio.almeida
Medium haircut 12
Medium haircut 13
Medium haircut 14
Medium haircut 15

Medium Solid Cut Ideas

As already mentioned, the medium cut combines with all hair types and with the straight cut it looks perfect too. Check out some amazing ideas below to get inspired and maybe join the trend:

Smooth medium cut with split bill on the side:

Medium haircut 16
@ professional.hair

Another option for those who want to bet on the medium spout cut:

Medium haircut 17

A platinum medium cut straight and thrown to the side:

Medium haircut 18

Another option of a straight cut in a medium length for straight hair:

Medium haircut 19

A medium cut with medium bangs:

Medium haircut 20

Medium cut, curly and frizzy

If you curly lady thought medium length wasn’t for you, we’re going to change that way of thinking. This is one of the cuts that best match frizzy and curly hair. And if you want to add more volume to your curls, go for a layered cut. And yes, you can also wear bangs with the medium cut. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Medium Curly Cut with Ombre Hair and Layers:

Medium haircut 21

Medium cut with a discreet tip and no bang, but with ideal volume:

Medium haircut 22

A medium straight curly cut and also without bangs, but with bright highlights:

Medium haircut 23

Another option with a discreet toe, with a parting in the middle and without visible bangs:

Medium Haircut 24

Cut in layers and with short frizz, leaving a modern look:

Medium haircut 25
@ anaaraujjo_1

Another option for a medium layered cut, with a lot of volume, enhancing the curls:

Medium haircut 26

In this example, in addition to the layers, a fringe was used:

Medium haircut 27

Finally, a layered cut, without bangs and very modern with pink ombre hair:

Medium haircut 28

What do you like which variation of the medium cut? There are so many great options that it’s hard to even choose just one!

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