6 ideas to change without changing size

Long hair is timeless and appeals to all women. However, often some women are fed up with long hair and want to update their look but don’t want to take the length of the strands. The good news is that it is possible to change the look, change the look of the strands and still continue with long hair, without taking the length. Learn more about these cuts and get inspired by real ideas.

Six cuts give you this possibility to change your look without taking the length of the strands, they are: V cut, U cut, pointed, layered, with bangs and straight. These are cuts that are on the rise and popular with women, as the versatility is what draws the most attention.

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v cut

The V-cut is old and still on the rise. In this cut, the hair is literally V-shaped, where the front is shorter and the back is still the true length of the strands. It is suitable for all face types which is why it is so popular.

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It’s a cut that doesn’t add volume to the strands, so for those who want an option without bundling their hair, the V-cut is perfect. Also, this cut is amazing for doing the ombre hair technique i.e. strands at the end of the hair. Get inspired by five V-cut ideas for long hair but in different textures:

Long haircut 1
Long haircut 2
Long haircut 3
Long haircut 4
@ studio.dione.aredo
Long haircut 5

U cut

It’s very similar to the V cut, but instead of the hair tip being well marked, in the U the tip is more inconspicuous. This is an option for those who want a cut that does not add bulk to the threads, but does not want to mark the previous cut, leaving a more understated and delicate cut.

In some cases, the U-cut is made so delicately that it can be almost straight, with only a few beak tips. It’s a cut that adapts to all types of yarn textures (smooth to frizzy) and also to all face types. Get inspired by real U-cut ideas:

Long haircut 6
Long haircut 7
Long haircut 9
Long haircut 10
@ yourbeauty.ideal
Long haircut 8

long hair with bangs

Bangs are a way to radicalize the look without taking the length of the locks. You can choose to leave the hair exactly in the cut it is in and only bangs or choose any other cut that doesn’t take the length of the hair and make the bangs. Currently, the fringes which have the wind in their sails are the bartô and the curtain. But you can choose the bangs you like.

For oval and round faces, go for bangs that are longer (below nose height) and that are thrown to the side. For the square face, the most suitable bangs are the one-sided thrown bangs and for the triangular face, bet on the pointy and unstitched bangs. Get inspired by long hair with bangs ideas.

Long haircut 11
Long Haircut 12
Long Haircut 13
Long haircut 14
Long Haircut 15
@ official fashion woman

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As the name suggests, the cut is done in layers and brings an amazing look. If you want to add volume to your hair, go without fear on this type of cut. It is possible to maintain the actual hair size with the layered cut, as it only takes the length of a few strands, which form the layers.

The look of your long hair will be renewed with this cut, because in addition to providing volume, the layered cut also brings a lot of movement to the strands. It is a cut that values ​​both curly and straight hair. Also, this is a great cut for those who want to use lights as it improves the tone dramatically. Get inspired by a few ideas:

Long Haircut 16
@ adrilenefaier
Long Haircut 17
@ _guireimberg.hair
Long Haircut 18
Long Haircut 19
Long Haircut 20
@ my good health


The point cut is very similar to layers and can even be confused. In the case of the layered cut, the layers are made very straight, and in the tips they are disconnected threads, which do not need to follow a pattern. Because it is pebbly, the hair looks like “messy hair”, but with a lot of style.

It’s also a cut that brings a lot of movement to the strands and also leaves the hair with a lot more volume than other cuts. You can even combine the peaked cut with bangs, whether short or long. Get inspired by some ideas for short cuts for long hair and keep the length of your locks:

Long haircut 21
Long haircut 22
Long haircut 23
Long Haircut 24
Long haircut 25

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straight cut

Finally, a simpler cut that doesn’t radicalize the look. The straight cut is suitable for women who want to remove split ends from the hair and do a maintenance cut of the strands (which are necessary to keep their hair healthy).

The straight cut does not remove the length and takes the same length from the fringe to the back. As this is a simple cut, it is suitable for all hair textures and also for all face types. And it is the simplicity that most attracts women to this option. Get inspired by real long hair ideas with a straight cut:

Long haircut 26
@mertayyildizogl ⠀
Long haircut 27
Long haircut 28
@ hannahandersen.mane
Long haircut 29
Long haircut 30
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