7 rituals to practice self-love in 2021

Our body is our home, which is why taking care of you is so important and something that no one will ever be able to do for you. If the body and the mind are not in harmony, we can get sick, from the inside out and from the outside in. For this reason, put your 2021 objectives practice more self-esteem. knowledge personal care rituals who will help you on this journey.

practice letting go

Whether it is people or objects. On the part of the people, leave behind all those who hurt you, who only called when you needed to, or who didn’t care how you look for the past 365 years. Get rid of toxic people so that your life begins to move forward.

With a vacation routine for most Brazilians, take advantage of this time to let go of items. Whether it’s clothes you promised to wear but didn’t wear, clothes and shoes that have been in the closet for a long time. You have two alternatives, you can earn extra income with what you give up or donate it to those in need.

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Self-care rituals (Photo: Reproduction / Unsplash)

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Take care of your body

Invest in healthy eating, add more fruits and vegetables to your menu. Cut down on alcoholic beverages and lower your sugar levels. Also, be physically active at least three days a week. Starting to meditate is also a good way for those looking for self-knowledge. Also, if you smoke, how about getting help to try to get rid of this addiction? Take care of yourself, after all, your body is your home.

The change doesn’t have to be drastic, start small, meditate once a week, drink alcohol only once a month, swap the fried egg for a hard-boiled egg. No fees, just a natural change until it becomes a habit.

take time for yourself

We know that the busy life ends up putting aside programs designed just for relaxation. But take time just for yourself, show all the love you feel for yourself. Take a longer bath, take an herbal bath, watch your favorite series, read a book, do a hobby, or whatever you can do on your own and relax. It is very important to have time just for yourself, without the company of your husband, boyfriend, children, parents, being alone is also part of the grooming routine, even if you want to be. close. Take advantage of your own business.

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Self-care rituals (Photo: Reproduction / Unsplash)

do not torture yourself

Look at yourself in the mirror with more love, don’t judge yourself or cover yourself up as much. Don’t cover up because today you couldn’t do everything that should have been done, you did what you could. Don’t look at yourself in the mirror to judge yourself, learn to manage your image, and be as rude as you can to yourself. If you don’t treat yourself kindly, who will?

invest more in yourself

If possible, invest more money in yourself and in things that will do you good. Lymphatic drainage, a relaxing massage, a day at the spa and above all consultations with psychologists. If you can’t do it every month, set aside the money to do something in a specific month, the important thing is to invest more in your well-being.

learn to say no

“I don’t want”, “I don’t want”, “I can’t”. O is not a magic word and will make your life lighter. A lot of people go through life afraid to say no, afraid of judgment, afraid of hurting the other person, how about thinking more about yourself? Of course, without being selfish. Can’t make the report now because it will bother you? Say no. Don’t want to hang out at that little bar that doesn’t fit you, but your partner wants to go? Say no. You won’t hurt anyone if you’re sincere, and you won’t be embarrassed in situations that you put yourself in just by saying yes. Your opinion is also important.

Get in touch with nature

Enjoy free time to walk in the park, if possible, take a trip to get in touch with nature, to recharge your energy and feel the fresh air. Invest more time away from home, in these places you will be able to feel the difference in your life.

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