25 ideas to inspire and copy

Neither too long nor too short, the happy medium of medium hair This is what makes this cut such a hit with modern women. To renew the look and continue with the medium cut, a good option is to bet on the bangs. Currently, five styles of fringes are successful and can be used by … Read more

15 ideas of cuts to sublimate the waves

There are certain nomenclatures for categorizing hair, and wavy strands are type 2 and range from A to C. Type owavy 2b, it’s very common and anyone who goes through the hair transition, at some point, will have this wireframe structure. This kind of Hair it has a more open and less voluminous tuft and … Read more

25 ideas for women with short hair

The effect shiny brunette is in vogue among women with dark hair who want to update their look, but without anything drastic. Lighted up brunette lights are suitable for all hair types and cuts, from short hair even long, bringing an amazing look. Different tones can be used to achieve the light effect, from brighter … Read more

25 ideas for a classic and chic nail

clear nails are always successful and the francesinha is a nail art classic, the two trends together form an unbeatable duo. Clear enamels are delicate, as well as francesinhas, which have long been used by brides due to their delicacy. So, if you are looking for inspiration for delicate nails that go beyond the traditional, … Read more