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The term The morning miracle, came out of a book written by Hal Elrod, which brings habits to practice before 8am and radically changes his life. According to the author, professional and personal success can and is achieved when people begin to pay more attention to the habits mentioned in work. Find out what principles the book teaches and how to change your life through these habits.


The first step, mentioned in the book and considered important by practitioners of the practice, is to practice silence as soon as you wake up. This silence will help reduce your stress and thus start the day in the best possible way.

Practice silence away from bed so that you don’t fall into temptation and get another five minutes of sleep. It can be done on the balcony taking in the fresh air, in the armchair in the living room or sitting on the bedroom floor. The location you choose. In this moment of silence, you can just be quiet, think nothing, meditate, pray, reflect, or just focus on your breathing.


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Right after you’ve meditated, prayed, or just kept silent, it’s time to assert yourself, according to the author. Affirmations are written on paper and you will read them aloud. When read aloud, your subconscious records this information, which is why this step is so important. If your desire and goal is to go to the gym every day, write “I am 100% committed to going to the gym every day”. This way your goals will be clearer and the goals will be easier to achieve. Replace all your limiting sentences with affirmative sentences, omitting the “I can’t”; “I can not”; “I’m not that good.”


It’s very simple and according to the author very effective. You will see things that you really want, both short and long term. A simple example, you want to go to Paris until X o’clock. Then you will start to visualize what your trip will look like. A lot of people have adopted the preview frame method, in which they put whatever they want in the photos. This way, you can stick to your goals and still remember the reasons for not giving up. This method is used by athletes, who always visualize ways to win the game before taking action.

the morning miracle
The Morning Miracle (Photo: Unsplash / Reproduction)


Exercise, in addition to providing several health benefits, is cited as one of the most important habits to change your life. Physical activity in the morning will pay off more, as the body is refreshed after a night’s sleep, increases energy to meet the challenges of the day, and speeds up the metabolism. It can be done 30 minutes of walking, weight training, crossfit and the like. In other words, choose an exercise that you enjoy doing to make the routine lighter.


Yes, it is a life changing habit. Knowledge is power and it never hurts. Reading brings several benefits: it improves brain function, stimulates creativity, reduces stress, improves writing, among other things. As this is only 10 minutes a day right after waking up, the important thing is to set aside time to read. The theme of the book does not matter, if you are not used to reading, start with the genres you like the most and then you can change the subject of the books.


This is the last habit mentioned in the book to adopt in the morning. In the book, a kind of journal is suggested, so you can better visualize the goals that you have managed to achieve, the points of your day that need to be changed or just re-read your last days / months. Like reading, writing also stimulates creativity, reduces stress and improves concentration.

What time should I wake up?

Many fans of the book O Miracle da Manhã wake up around 5 am, the so-called “Five am club”. But know that it is not necessary to wake up at this time to be able to do all the habits mentioned and have the benefits of this habit. Best to get up two hours before your daily appointment [no caso o trabalho]. So you can follow all the steps listed above while preparing with peace of mind.

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