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Do you know what your skin type is? A lot of people have trouble identifying themselves! Normal, dry, combination, oily or sensitive: there is no good or bad skin, but knowing your own and treating it well ???

Identifying your skin type makes it easier to choose the products you will use!

Without a doubt, the skin that needs the most care! She lacks water and sebum, so she is usually dehydrated. Dry skin looks rough and dull, and since it tends to dry out, it cracks very easily.

For this type of skin it is essential to apply a lot of moisturizer! The ideal is to apply all over the body at least twice a day, to ensure deep hydration. Another important tip is to always use sunscreen, regardless of the temperature. Just be careful to choose a filter for dry skin, not too dry, but moisturizing 😉

Now we have gone the opposite of dry skin! Oily skin is shiny, with large, visible, acne-prone pores. People who have this type of skin, throughout the day, begin to experience a dull glow on their face, and need to wash, dry, or apply a compact powder.

Many people think it is the worst type of skin, but they are deeply wrong! It may take a bit of work to balance oiliness and the like, but on the other hand, people with an oily skin tendency are less prone to wrinkles and have much more lush skin.

A good tip is to use comedogenic products! These products are used to prevent pore clogging, you know ?? For oily skin, an MA-RA-VI-LHO-SO product is Blemish + Age Defense from SkinCeuticals. It helps control sebum production, fight acne, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Too much, right?

One of the most common skin types! People with combination skin have oily patches on overall dry skin. Typically, the T zone (forehead, nose and chin) tends to be oily, while the rest of the face is drier.

This skin is complicated because you can solve one case and end up making another worse! Therefore, do not use products that are too oily or that completely remove sebum from the skin. To cleanse your face, opt for gentle products, such as a micellar lotion for example!

As we tend to pay more attention to the T zone, the dry part of ours is more neglected = (A smart product tip to solve this problem is the Vichy Normaderm skin corrector. With its gel-cream texture, it is is the first anti-acne treatment able to alleviate the complaints of oily skin while hydrating at the same time!

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