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It’s no longer a novelty that sunscreen should be used all year round, right? Whatever the season, the protector is your loyal ally to fight against skin aging and prevent sun spots and sardines. Using sunscreen is a rule !! Not only in terms of beauty, but also in terms of health <3

In addition to protecting against the effects of the sun, sunscreen is the best rejuvenating cream there is! Photoaging occurs when we have prolonged exposure to the sun, which leaves our skin wrinkled, inelastic, and with sun spots. In addition, one in four cancers diagnosed in Brazil is skin cancer. Terrible, right ??

But choosing the ideal protector for our skin type is almost a science, right? There are a lot of points to consider when making a decision! And that’s exactly when many of us fall for a basic mistake: buy just one product and expect it to work wonders at some point. Our skin is not stable, on the contrary! It is subject to many variables. There are days when it is more oily, drier, reddish, sensitive …
When choosing a product for the face, it is essential to observe the current condition of your skin. There is no point in passing a super dry filter if you have traveled to a cold location with a dry climate. Your skin will literally crack if you don’t use oilier moisturizers! This is why the maximum when applying a dermocosmetics is to observe your skin and get to know yourself.

But relax! We will give you several tips so that you have no doubts when choosing the main product that will save your skin 😉

What is the ideal protection factor?

The protection factor must vary according to the phototype of the person! The smaller the skin phototype, that is, the lower the melanin, the more sun care should be used, as the skin is more susceptible to damage from ultraviolet rays. In general, the facial SPF should be from SPF 30, as this is a more sun-exposed and sensitive area. Of course, the more protection the better! And remember: you never know if you’ve used the right amount of sunscreen on your face. We must try to apply about a teaspoon of the product. But since you often cannot spend this amount, the best option is to choose a filter that protects well! So when you go to apply a protector with an SPF 50, it can effectively protect 30.

With that in mind, we’ve noted four things you can’t overlook when choosing a protector. Just look:

– Always check if the product has UVA and UVB protection!
– Knowing your skin type and checking it with your new protector is essential. The important thing is to do the right thing so as not to clog your pores!
– Make sure you can use all the components! There are sun creams suitable for sensitive skin. Beware of allergies, eh!

Sunscreen for oily skin … Does it exist?

YES MMM !!! You, beautiful girl who suffers from fat on your skin and thinks that you can not put anything on your face: you can stop it! We know that oily skin suffers the most when looking for cosmetics in general, and in the case of sunscreen it’s no different. But all is not lost ! Just look for the right products 😉 The best options for oily skin are the oil-free gel, serum, mousse and fluid lotion versions.
To help you out, we’ve separated some wonderful filters for oily skin, oh:

– Minesol oil control
This protective Roc is the darling of many readers! It was the first facial sunscreen to offer the benefit of oil control. It has a very liquid, dry texture on the skin immediately after application. Zero plump feeling on the face! It is super easy to spread and leaves no white areas. This filter stays very dry on the skin and retains the oil for several hours.

– Anthelios Airlicium
This La Roche-Posay sunscreen provides high sun protection for sensitive, acne-prone and oily skin. A very effective filter against the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. It contains 99% mattifying microparticles encapsulated in the air, so it does not weigh on the skin, providing perfect shine control whenever the skin produces oil or moisture.

– Standardize the mat
This Ada Tina filter has a broad UVA and UVB spectrum, with a gradual mattifying effect! It is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin. The texture is super smooth, great for everyday use in any season. A very practical product, excellent to leave in your bag and to touch up throughout the day to keep your skin dry without clogging your pores.

Does sunscreen work?

We know that filtering makeup is a great option for everyday use. But they are not a substitute for sunscreen !!! Makeup has a very low sun protection spectrum, typically around SPF25 and very thin coverage. For you who wear makeup all day, sunscreen can be a very promising option! Most of the time, base protectors provide more coverage, texture and sun protection than bases with sunscreen.

An often very attractive basic filter is the VICHY Capital Soleil. It has sun protection against long UVA, UVB and UVA rays, in addition to having a dry touch and color. In addition, it is also designed to immediately even out skin tone and smooth dark areas! It has a unique texture with a mattifying effect and a velvety touch after application, thanks to absorbent micro particles, ensuring a lasting dry touch even on oily skin.

#StayAdica: if you choose to use makeup + sunscreen, it is essential to wait 5 minutes for your protector to dry completely before applying makeup. If you don’t wait that long, you run the risk of the makeup cracking and looking a little weird. Another good thing to know is that makeup has the added benefit of forming a barrier that reflects visible light. So don’t be afraid to apply these two products, they get along really well

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