Fermented vegetables – benefits and how to do it

Did you know that fermenting food is a very ancient practice, which comes from our ancestors and is in great demand in kitchens all over the world? And this fermentation of food has offered several health benefits, in addition to helping preserve food, it’s also a great way to consume probiotics (good bacteria), which boost our immune system by helping to produce antibodies. , improve the absorption of nutrients and maintain the proper functioning of the intestine and the entire digestive system.

Fermentation of food also contributes to glycemic control, detoxification of our body, stimulating the elimination of metals and toxins, reducing inflammation, bone density, improving mood, helping in the production of serotonin, they are an excellent source of fiber, they work in a natural thermogenic way and even help you lose weight.

The fermentation process of food takes place without oxygen, carried out by microorganisms capable of transforming proteins and sugars into other compounds such as alcohol for example. And it is these different species of yeast and good bacteria that make the textures and flavors of fermented foods unique and delicious.

Several foods can undergo this fermentation, especially vegetables and vegetables, which are very tasty after this process. It is possible to ferment cucumbers, carrots, radishes, beets, cauliflower, broccoli, olives, cabbage, among others.

Fermentation of vegetables, besides having a delicious result, is also a way of preserving them, keeping their vitamins and other nutritional properties. In this procedure, lactic fermentation takes place, in which the vegetable is transformed into an acidic food, removing potential pathogens and maintaining existing nutrients in the vegetable, in addition to other properties added by this type of process.

Fermented vegetables and veg can be served in salads, sandwiches and even as an accompaniment to other dishes, it’s delicious. Although this is a slow process and requires some care, it is very useful and can be done at home.

Here at home, I always make fermented cabbage, the famous sauerkraut, a German dish. Want to learn ?? In the next post I will teach you my tips for making the best sauerkraut! Do not lose!

Also get acquainted with Kefir and Kombucha, fermented foods full of benefits.

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