Find out what is the best moon phase for cutting your hair

The lunar cycle influences many aspects of human life and one of them is hair growth. For this, according to astrology, certain phases of the moon are better than others for cutting hair and thus obtain benefits such as hair growth or strengthening. Learn more about it and find out which moon phase is the best for cutting your hair.

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Is it true that the moon influences hair growth?

First of all, it should be noted that there is no scientific research that proves hair growth when cutting in a specific moon phase. On the other hand, there is a belief, which has been perpetuated for centuries, about the influence of phase on hair growth.

In addition, according to the American website Mind Body Green, this practice has been practiced since the 19th century with farmers, who relied on the phases of the moon for planting and therefore knew which phase of the moon was ideal for growing their crops. .

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moon phases
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crescent moon and crescent

First of all, the moon phase which stimulates hair growth. Cutting the split ends or a cut that doesn’t spoil the length of the hair during the crescent moon will help your strands grow faster and harder. The name of the moon itself brings the symbology of growth, so if you are looking for long threads, invest in this moon.

New Moon

Just like the name, the new moon helps renew hair, make new hair appear and make it healthier. So, if you are suffering from thin, brittle, or thin hair, this is a great option to change your look on this moon as it will help you strengthen and renew yourself. Plus, it’s a great option for treatments like reconstruction and nutrition.

Full moon

A full moon haircut is for women and men who want fuller, fuller, and shiny hair. If your hair is thin and you want to add volume, now is a good time to go for a cut. Also invest in deep moisturizing hair treatments, as this phase leaves a spectacular shine. However, the full moon leaves emotions to the surface, so nothing drastic changes.

waning moon and waning quarter

This moon phase is ideal for those who want less volume and need powerful hair treatments. Hair growth in this phase is slowed down, that is, it is perfect for those who want to adopt short hair and want the cut to last longer. Also, if you don’t like the volume, this is the step to lower your hair and renew your look.

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What is the best moon phase for a haircut?

It depends. There is no better phase to cut hair because every phase is beneficial. If you are looking for rapid growth, the best phase of the moon for you is the crescent, but if you want more volume, it is the full moon. In other words, it’s up to you to decide which phase is best for you based on your need for yarns.

What are the best days to get a haircut?

The first day of each moon phase is the best option for a more satisfying result. To track moon transition and correct date, you can use mobile apps. “Moon Phases” is a simple and very detailed application available for both IOS and Android. Now download and choose the phase you want to cut and schedule your time in the living room.

lunar calendar 1
Lunar calendar (Photo: Meteorite Gallery)

Care beyond the moon phases

After choosing which phase you want to cut your hair according to the result you are looking for, you must understand that you must continue to take care of the strands in the same way. In other words, cutting your hair in a crescent moon will not make your hair grow effortlessly as it is necessary to keep the strands healthy and with the treatments up to date.

  • Keep a hair program (hydration, nutrition and reconstruction) to strengthen the strands and make the hair healthier;
  • Wash your hair with products specific to your hair type;
  • Avoid excessive use of a heat source, such as a hair dryer, hood or babyliss;
  • Always apply a heat shield before the heat source;
  • Eat well and exercise so that your hair is groomed from the inside and is born healthier;
  • Hold the cut, even if it’s just to remove split ends. Besides the looks, the cut will make your hair look healthier.

Okay, now choose the phase of the moon you prefer and get the result you have always dreamed of.

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