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O winter 2021 has already started and with the new season new trends have appeared. Nails they are also part of fashion and follow the trend of the season. If you want to get into the trend of the season, the pajaris 30 separate nail inspirations winter 2021. Get inspired and reproduce at home to look beautiful this season.

In winter, nails with a lot of patterns are left aside for more sober varnishes and also in more closed tones. When a decorated nail is used this season, they are replaced by more minimalist decorations without much detail. Find out what these trends are below.

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Winter nails 2021: brown nail polish

First up, we’ve picked out the biggest nail trend for winter 2021. Earthy shades are a hit this season, so you can bet without fear. Currently, there are a few variations of brown nail polish, but choose the shade you like best that matches your personal style. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

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Dark brown, worn on the feet and hands, with a touch of shine at the base:

winter 2021 nails 1

Thick Frenchie with several shades of brown:

winter nails 2021 2

A dark brown with a matte finish, but very delicate:

winter nails 2021 3

An earthy tone, with delicate applications of precious stones and a single nail on each hand in transparency:

winter nails 2021 4

With just francesinha on two nails:

winter 2021 nails 5
@ nesss.nails

Again, with francesinha in a few highlights:

winter 2021 nails 6
@ ls.nailsandspa

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Winter nails 2021: red nail polish

Red nail polish never goes out of style no matter the season because it is a classic. But, it undergoes some changes depending on the season it is used. Like brown, in winter, red is more closed, going almost towards a burgundy. Discover some great ideas to inspire you and bet on this season:

Closer red enamel with a shiny base:

winter 2021 nails 7

Another inspiration with a closed and luminous red:

winter nails 2021 8

Another example of winter 2021 nails using red:

winter nails 2021 9
@ c.nailss__

An option for those who like matte enamel, with a delicate leaf branch design:

winter 2021 nails 10

Another inspiration using only the nail polish and the shiny base:

winter 2021 nails 11

A delicate design on a single nail in each hand:

winter 2021 nails 12

white nails

Like red, white is a classic and never goes out of style. But in winter, a lighter shade is used, almost reaching transparent or off-white. Discover some very delicate and beautiful ideas to bet on this winter 2021:

A very clear white, with two transparent nails with glitter:

winter nails 2021 13
@ nailsoft.jlm

A beautiful off-white, worn on the feet as well as on the hands:

winter nails 2021 14

Another option using transparency, with glitter and gems:

winter nails 2021 15

An off-white with very delicate sequins:

winter 2021 nails 16

Another choice of white in an enamel shade called lace:

winter 2021 nails 17
@ estherr.nails

But if you want to bet on a stronger one, you can also:

nails winter 2021 18

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Winter nails 2021: glitter

Glitter has been on the rise since summer and has stayed in winter too. In this case, the sequins are less flashy and more delicate. You can use encapsulated glitter or glitter nail polish, but encapsulation is what’s hot right now. Here are some ideas to inspire you and copy:

Transparent nail with encapsulated pink glitter:

winter 2021 nails 19
@Nail World_

Another option using transparency, but with golden glitter:

nails winter 2021 20

Lilac is also beautiful in winter if used gently:

nails winter 2021 21
@Nail World_

Another option using lilac glitter:

winter nails 2021 22

Another transparent option with encapsulated glitter and francesinha:

winter nails 2021 23

Glitter encapsulated in a single nail of each hand:

winter nails 2021 30

Mustard nails for winter 2021

Finally, another color that is on the rise is mustard yellow. It’s a more closed tone and it looks amazing on the nails, leaving it very stylish. It can be associated with delicate patterns or simply leave an enamelling without details. Check out some ideas to inspire you:

Mustard yellow with no details, just a shiny base on top:

winter nails 2021 24

In this case, glitter was used on one nail, gold on another and another combination of gemstones:

winter nails 2021 25

A very delicate variation of mustard yellow with white and black dots:

winter nails 2021 26

Another shadow combination using white, but in this case very light – almost transparent, and black dots:

nails winter 2021 27

A mustard yellow option but this time with a matte finish:

winter nails 2021 28

Finally, another variation of this shade of yellow, used on a small nail, showing that it is suitable for all women:

winter nails 2021 29

There are so many options that it’s hard to choose just one and the coolest part is being able to bet on a trend every week. Which will you do first?

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