How to grow zucchini and its benefits

You know I’m crazy about zucchini and I even declared my love for them in this POST, and of course I managed to have zucchini in my house. The most beautiful thing is to start your little one from the beginning, to plant the seed and to hope to grow. This is what I did with my zucchini plants and today I will teach you how to grow beautiful organic zucchini at home. The required spacing is approximately 60 to 100 cm. It can be planted in the ground or in a large pot, by making seedlings or directly in the final location.

I always choose to do seedlings and put the seeds to germinate in the seedbed, but you can use pots with the bottom perforated or paper bags. As the seeds are large, I make a small hole of about 2cm, place the seed and cover it with good soil. Then simply water your seeds daily. Usually 2 to 3 seeds are placed per dimple, but I admit that I only planted one for the zucchini and it worked! But sometimes germination doesn’t happen and you waste that time having to start over. Here at home the seedlings germinated very quickly and in 2 days I could see the leaves appear.

With about 10 days old they were already big and it was time for the transplant. I prepared the earth mixed with earthworm humus by making a dimple. Using a spoon, I removed the seedling, placed it in the hole, and covered it with fertilized soil. Then water it every day and wait for the plants to give you a gift!

Zucchini is very sun-loving, and choosing the right place is one of the secrets of success. And you? Do you have plants at home?

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