How to make hair voluminous and thick with easy tips

Fine, thin hair can appear in any type of strand structure, from straight to frizzy. Because it is thin, the hair cannot keep a nice volume and hairstyles are more difficult to achieve because they come undone easily. The good news is that with the right care, it is possible to leave the thick and therefore more voluminous hair. know how and start putting it into practice today.

What to do to make your hair more voluminous?

To make your hair appear fuller, it is important to use the finish to your advantage and a few tips can help you achieve a fuller look.

Bath care: the trick starts in the bath, choosing the right hair products. Invest in products that are ideal for your yarn type, and it’s important to wash them well. The ideal is to apply shampoo only at the root, rubbing with your fingertips and without rubbing lengthwise. This will eventually break your strands and make them even thinner.

Avoid brushes: when drying your hair, avoid brushing it. This makes your strands thinner and thinner. One trick is to flip it over and dry it without using brushes. Thus, it will be a little more reinforced and will look like a thick wire. To avoid frizz, finish with a hair styler.

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Completion: for women with wavy, curly and frizzy hair, invest in finishes with a volume effect on the strands. To add volume to strands, consider drying your hair with a diffuser. For women with straight hair, use curlers to add volume, such as babyliss.

Foams: another way to add volume to strands is to use foams. Just apply it to the strands and knead the hair for a very voluminous effect. This will help to conceal the fine strands.

Hair does not thicken overnight, you have to follow a routine of care so that the strands start to grow harder and harder.

Identify the problem that makes your hair thin

O first step is to identify your type of problem. If your hair has always been thin, you can go for cuts that will make the locks look fuller and products that will add weight, leaving you healthy.

However, if your hair has become thin as a result of hair loss, it is important to consult a dermatologist to identify the cause and thus have adequate treatment. In addition, thin hair with a lot of fall can indicate health problems, such as a lack of vitamins, for example.

If it is about vitamins, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and away from industrialized products. There are vitamins, like biotin, which are essential for the hair.

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how to make hair voluminous and thick

Beware of chemicals and excess products

One of the factors that leaves hair thin and lacking in volume is discoloration. Often with bleaching, the hair undergoes chemical cutting, that is, when the strands break in half or crumble. Therefore, after bleaching, the care given by your professional is very important and before doing so always do a strand test to identify if your hair is healthy enough to receive the bleach.

A very common mistake is overproduct. Your hair doesn’t need many heavy products and products to make it stronger, thicker, and fuller. The basics work and the important thing is to always use it for your hair type.

hair program

The hair program will restore and make your hair healthier. It consists of three stages: hydration, nutrition and reconstruction.

Hydration should be done twice a week, with a mask suitable for your hair type.

Nutrition can be done once or twice a week, depending on the needs of your hair. You can buy ready-made masks in the market to nourish the hair or hydrate it at night with oils (coconut, avocado, olive oil and others).

And the reconstruction, which will help your hair to thicken, is done every two weeks, using keratin. Hair reconstruction is important for your strands to become stronger and can be the salvation of your thin hair. You can buy liquid keratin and put a tablespoon of it in your shampoo or spray it on hair every two weeks and leave it on for 20 minutes.

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Haircut for voluminous hair

The cut is very important for the health of the hair. In addition to eliminating split ends that hamper growth and give your hair a cool look, the cut lightens strands and automatically makes them fuller.

Go for cuts that bring movement to the threads, such as layered, jagged, and go for the bangs as well. The longer your hair, the heavier it will be and the less voluminous it will be. So if your hair is thin and lacks volume, choose to keep it cut at all times.

Haircut for voluminous hair

Tips to make hair voluminous and thick

If the structure of your yarn has always been good, a good way to make the cut looser is to resort to tips. Use finishing foams, dry shampoo to add volume and style your hair with a curling iron. But if you want a little extra help, check out the recipes below that will help you structure the wires:

Moisturizing egg mask

Eggs are rich in essential hair protein and can be the solution for your hair. The success of eggs in the hair is so great that several brands of shampoo have already produced and made products with eggs in the composition.

  1. Beat two eggs until smooth;
  2. Apply to leather and also to threads;
  3. Leave on for 30 minutes;
  4. Then wash normally, removing all egg residue from the hair.

Nutritional Oil Mask

Olive oil is a very nutritious oil, which is important for the health of the hair. You can use it as a nighttime moisturizer or nourish it with this oil (you can do this with other types of oils as well).

  1. Apply the oil over the entire length of the hair (it is important that it is at room temperature);
  2. Wrap in a hood and let stand 30 to 40 minutes;
  3. Then, it is sufficient to wash normally, removing all traces of product.

castor oil

It is an oil well known to aid in hair growth and can help you thicken hair. The application is done in the same way as the previous ones, it is enough to apply it on the hair, to let act 30 to 40 minutes then to wash normally.

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