How to properly care for thick, voluminous hair

All types of strands need care to maintain hair health and prevent various problems such as breakage and dryness. O thick and voluminous hair it is generally drier than other hair types because hydration takes longer to reach the ends and a common problem for those with this hair type is frizz. But don’t worry, it is possible to get rid of these issues in no time. Find out how to take care of thick, voluminous hair the right way and have the locks you’ve always dreamed of.

What is thick hair?

how to properly care for thick and voluminous hair
Thick and voluminous hair needs special care, know how to take care of it! (Photo: Freepik / Reproduction)

Only an analysis of your hair can determine your hair type with 100% certainty. In Brazil, this analysis is all the more essential as there is a crossbreeding, mixed races and mixtures of emerging threads. But the thick strands have a specific characteristic and can be smooth, curly or kinky.

Generally, thick hair is fuller, with a lot of frizz and less balance. Another characteristic of thick and voluminous hair is resistance to chemical treatments and streaks, they do not weaken (if they are healthy), easily. Bulk comes from the root and frizz is more common at the tip.

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How to take care of thick and voluminous hair?

One of the most common problems with thick hair as mentioned is dryness and with dryness another problem arises which is frizz. But it is possible to get rid of these nuisances by taking good care of the wires. Now check out a step by step guide to get your hair back and have healthy hair at home.

Thick, voluminous hair is drier. This happens because of the structure of the wire, which is thicker and therefore, the passage of water from root to tip suffers a little. In other words, when the water reaches the tips it is already in a smaller amount and with that it ends up leaving the tips dry.

For this reason, invest in a hair program, to regain hydration and all the nutrients necessary for healthy hair. The timeline consists of three stages:

  • Hydration: done with a hair mask adapted to your hair type, twice a week (restores water to the hair);
  • Nutrition: it restores lost nutrients caused by external agents and restores shine to hair. It can be done once a week with products specific to your hair type;
  • Reconstruction: helps rebuild damaged hair with keratin. In this case, if you are using pure keratin, only use it once every 15 days.

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Invest in products adapted to your hair type

The right products make all the difference. Often times, some women pay dearly for a certain line of hair products and do not get the desired result. It can happen because you are not choosing the best one for your type of yarn. In the market and in professional brands there are options for all types of yarns. If in doubt, go to a salon and ask for help identifying the structure of your hair.

how to take care of thick and voluminous hair
Learn how to take care of voluminous and thick hair (Photo: Unsplash)

Prefer cold water

Hot water makes your hair much frizzier and drier, so avoid it as much as possible if you have thick, voluminous hair. As mentioned, one of the hallmarks of this type of hair is frizz and dryness, so avoiding hot water is one of the most important steps in having healthy hair. If you can’t use ice water, always go for lukewarm water.

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watch out for shampoo

If possible, invest in a sulfate-free shampoo to wash your hair once a week. Sulfate is the detergent used in shampoos and is responsible for the suds. But, its excess can dry out the hair.

In addition, never apply shampoo to the ends of the hair, let the mousse flow into the hair, without rubbing. Besides letting it dry, washing hair the wrong way round can lead to split ends and leave the ends completely brittle.

What’s the best cut for thick, voluminous hair?

Keeping the haircut, in addition to making the hair look great, prevents split ends and helps speed up the growth process. Thick hair is heavy and does not have an ideal balance, for this, bet in layered cut, which will give lightness to the threads. By making it lighter, the cut will help your hair to retain moisture for longer. Another cut that people with this hair type can also bet it’s at the top, that, in the same way as the layered cut, it balances the hair and helps to make the volume more harmonious.

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