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Accessories make all the difference in the look, transform the look in seconds and in an easy way. Just slip on an accessory, and your everyday look is ready and innovated. For women curly haired, it is possible to use several accessories that enhance the curls and volume of the threads, transforming a simple hairstyle into a sophisticated hairstyle.

Six accessories are hot for women with curly hair and are a huge hit. Find out what these accessories are and how to use them in everyday life in different ways. THE pajaris separated 18 different ideas to inspire you and who knows, convince you to replicate the look.

bun scarf

The scarf has become a trend in 2020 and is here to stay. With this accessory, you can transform a simple updo into something more elegant and change your everyday look in seconds. Best of all, you don’t need to buy a specific scarf, you can use whatever is in your drawer. Check out three ways to use the scarf with the bun on curly hair:

curly hair accessory 1

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peasant handkerchief

Another way to wear the scarf in your hair is the peasant style. It takes this name because the headscarf was commonly used by peasant women to protect threads from wind, sun exposure, and soil. The accessory is on the rise and looks great on curly hair. It is typically worn with loose hair, but it can be worn with a low ponytail and loose bangs. To be inspired:

curly hair accessory 3
curly hair accessory 4
curly hair accessory 6

How to tie a peasant style scarf?

  1. Take a handkerchief and connect one end to the other diagonally;
  2. After the longest part will be at the top of your hair and the ends will be tied at the bottom (at the nape of the neck);
  3. You just have to smooth it out, letting part of the hair appear or, if you prefer, to hide the strands of the top of the head leaving a little the scarf on the forehead;
  4. The visual is ready.

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Curly hair accessories: beanie

An old accessory, but still very successful, especially among women. Despite its popularity, the cap divides opinions among the curly, as it crushes the top of the hair. However, it is a great option for a “bad hair day” and to disguise the frizz from the top of the hair. With the cap, there is no secret to use, just put on the accessory and the look is ready. Besides using it with loose hair, it is also possible to wear it with a ponytail. Get inspired by curly-haired women wearing caps:

curly hair accessory 7
curly hair accessory 8
curly hair accessory 9

Tiara for curly hair

Another very common accessory that transforms the look with ease in just a few seconds. Besides being a great option to tie up the bangs, it is possible to use the tiara or the bow, with the loose bangs. Plus, it can be worn with hair up, in a bun or in a ponytail. It is a very romantic style and combines with looks for different occasions. See below for some inspirations:

curly hair accessory 10
curly hair accessory 11
curly hair accessory 12

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Beret – accessories for curly hair

The beret is an accessory often used during the winter and brings a very sophisticated style to the look. Therefore, it is used with more elegant looks, such as an overcoat, high boots and a button down shirt. It can be worn with your hair down or your hair in a tail or low bun. Some berets, it is necessary to tie with a staple so that it remains firmly on the threads. Here are some ideas for using the beret to inspire you:

curly hair accessories 13
curly hair accessories
curly hair accessories 15

Curly Hair Accessories: Clips

Practical, beautiful and modern. Hairpins, whether decorated or common, are very popular, from everyday hairstyles to nighttime looks. They are worn on the sides of the hair tightly. With common staples, it is used by combining the realization of certain patterns (as in the example below), while the more delicate and adorned with pearls, are placed as you wish, that is to say only one on the side , or several together. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

curly hair accessories 16
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curly hair accessories 17
curly hair accessories 18
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There are several possibilities for using accessories for curly hair. Above were some inspirations, but you can combine as you like, prioritizing your personal taste. Well, the important thing is to feel good!

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