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Yeah, no way … One day we will get old, our body will change, localized fat will appear and our skin will crumple with a crucible (or a piece!). The healthiest way to deal with these harsh realities is to accept that they will happen whether we like it or not. And oh, there’s no point in crying or despairing so you’re gonna end up with more expression lines huh! 😉

But of course, it’s super possible to reverse and alleviate some symptoms of aging! Drinking plenty of water and eating healthy is one of the main secrets of youth. And of course, we have plenty of tips that will help us make our skin more beautiful and younger for longer!

Everyone thinks that skin aging is caused by only 3 main factors: sun exposure, pollution and the gradual loss of collagen. But for a long time we missed a crucial factor for the appearance of wrinkles and expression marks: the reduction of the natural hyaluronic acid present in the skin. Himself! This magical substance is produced naturally by our body and is responsible for promoting the volume and firmness of the skin. ? This production of hyaluronic acid begins to decrease from the age of 20 and worsens from the age of 40. The decrease in this acid in our body leads to wrinkles, loss of facial volume and reduced skin firmness.

Bottom Line: Hyaluronic acid production decreases as skin breakdown increases, and that’s when the first signs of aging begin to appear. But you can breathe a sigh of relief because we already have a solution to this little problem: SkinCeulticals (always ?) has released a product that will literally save your skin! The brand’s new bet is the HA Intensifier, which has arrived to revolutionize anti-aging treatment.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

This corrective serum redefines the volume and density of the skin, fills in wrinkles and restores firmness ? The great secret of HA Intensifier is that it inhibits loss, stimulates natural production and replenishes superficial reserves of hyaluronic acid. Thus, there is an increase of: 30% of the levels of this substance in the skin in just 4 weeks of use! It sounds like magic, but it’s technology!

A combination of high potency ingredients for a multifunctional synergistic action:

  • 10% proxylane
  • 22% purple rice and glycyrrhizanate
  • 13% of our darling hyaluronic acid.

The real youth formula ??? A great anti-aging technological advance and a revolution in anti-aging skincare!

Now that you know how this product works, it’s time for us to show you how to use this beauty elixir, right? Look how easy it is:

  1. Morning and evening, put 4 to 6 drops in the palm of your hand
  2. Using your fingertips, apply to the face, avoiding the eye area.
  3. Remember to apply the product to the neck and knees with up and down movements.



And, do you already know all about HA Intensify ?? Then get this revolutionary product on our site 😉

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