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Like any other type of wireframe, the curly hair can abuse the short haircut and still leaves curls defined and beautiful. Short hair is a hit and is one of the best bets of 2021 and 2022. If you’re curly and unsure whether or not to bet on short hair, check out some amazing ideas to get inspired.

What’s the best cut for short curly hair?

Four different cuts are hot right now and hit women with curly hair. Both cuts, no matter how short, manage to preserve the structure of the hair and define the curls, leaving an incredible look. Check out the cuts and make your best choice!

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Joãozinho curly haircut

The Joãozinho cut is known to be super short, meaning if you want to radicalize the look, go for it without fear. It may or may not contain bangs, but it is usually cut in a round style, having the same size in the front as in the back. As it is very short, this cut does not go beyond the line of the ears. Get inspired by Joãozinho curly haircut ideas:

short curly hair 5
short curly hair 1
short curly hair 2
short curly hair 3
short curly hair 4

+ Curly Pixie cut: tips and inspiration for an authentic look

pixie cut

Pixie has been enjoying great success since 2020 and has shown that he is here to stay for good. In this case, the sides of the hair or one of the sides remain with the hair very low or shaved, while the top is left longer.

At the top, the size varies according to personal taste, it can have long bangs, up to the height of the eyebrow or shorter, but always with volume. Like Joãozinho, it’s a very small cut and that’s why it’s a drastic change. See below for some pixie cut ideas to inspire you:

short curly hair 6
short curly hair 7
short curly hair 8
@leticiacosta .__
short curly hair 9
short curly hair 10

short pixie cut

A variation of the pixie cut is to use the top with less bulk, staying close to the root. In this case, women who have more open curls can look like straight hair, so if you don’t want this effect, avoid cutting. But in women with tightly closed and frizzy curls, even very short ones, it is possible to see the coiled structure of the strands.

Since it is shorter, to give the pixie effect, the side in this case is usually shaved. Check out two different ways to use it below for inspiration:

short curly hair 11
short curly hair 12

Chanel cut with bangs

The chanel cut is timeless and appeals to many women, both with straight hair and curly hair. There are several ways to take advantage of this cut, making a straight, beak, round and fringe cut. In this case, we were inspired by Chanel cuts with fringes, showing that it is possible to adapt the cut to any type of yarn. The volume this cut gives to curly locks is one of the reasons it’s so beloved. Check out some ideas for the curly fringe chanel below:

short curly hair 13
@ hannah_jen22
short curly hair 14
short curly hair 15
short curly hair 16
@ kims.manelove
short curly hair 17

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Chanel cut

The chanel without bangs is a classic and looks great on curly hair. It is a great option for women who want to wax but without drastic change. The cut can go up to the height of the ears or up to the shoulders. Just like the previous cut, this is a great option for women who want to highlight the volume of their curls. Get inspired by the many ideas below:

short curly hair 22
@ sashaïconic
short curly hair 18
short curly hair 19
short curly hair 20
short curly hair 21

How to style short curly hair?

In order for the cut to appear the right way round and the curls to be structured, it is important to make the right finish. See step by step:

correct styling cream

Some styling and finishing creams leave curls tighter and therefore may appear shorter. For this reason, prefer styling creams with a light finish. This will help to open up the curls and leave them at the ideal length.


  • Wet curls if they are dry or wash them normally in the shower;
  • Use the products suited to your type of yarn;
  • Detangle curls with a wide tooth comb;
  • Take the cream and apply it on the strands (be careful not to apply it at the root);
  • To flatten your hair and give definition to your curls, use a cotton shirt or cloth, this will help control frizz;
  • Choose to let it dry naturally, however, if you can’t, use a diffuser to heat dry. And if you use the dryer, don’t forget to apply heat protection;
  • If it dries naturally, avoid running your hands through curls or lying on wet hair.

You now have great ideas for cuts and you also know how to finish your short curly hair!

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