Knowing how to be a better person and have a lighter life

The first step in becoming a better person is to want this change. So if you’ve made it this far, know that you are on the right track. In our lifetime we make mistakes and are right and we must learn from them. Not everyone will be 100% perfect or will be liked the most. But there are those people who, when they arrive in a place, show positivity and conquer several people with their charisma.

What does it mean to be a better person?

It is everyday attitudes that make a person better, not an isolated attitude. It’s something to work on every day. To be someone better is to have empathy for the pain of the other, that is to say to know how to put oneself in the other’s shoes, to be honest, to know how to respect everyone without distinction of race, creed and sexuality, when possible to help others, not wishing the enemy evil and being more grateful for life.

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How to become a better person?

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As mentioned earlier, in order to become a better person and therefore be happier, daily changes are necessary. Some tips will help you on this path of self-discovery.

have self-love

There is no healthy way to love another when you don’t love yourself. So the first step is to love yourself more and that goes beyond the mirror. Take time for yourself, do things you love in your spare time, learn to say no, and stay away from negative people. It is remarkable when a person loves himself, because the energy is contagious.

abandon selfishness

Don’t just look at your belly button and see that you have a world around you. Don’t neglect others just to get what you want, empathize with others and know how to put yourself in their shoes. Remember that he who divides multiplies.


Don’t hold a grudge for the rest of your life, learn to forgive. Remember that forgiving does not mean maintaining a friendship with the one who has been betrayed, only if you want to. Forgiveness frees us from bad feelings and energies that destroy our day, such as anger, resentment, and revenge. Free yourself and be happier.

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Something that society should prioritize. Do you know that wallet with documents and money that you found? Find the owner to resolve. Did you receive additional change at the market? Return the money. Other simple acts of honesty can be added to everyday life, such as clear and objective communication with people. You didn’t like it? Speak! The truth will always be the best way.

Get rid of prejudices

All human beings are different and for this reason we must know how to manage and accept differences in order to live in society. Get rid of prejudices about race, religion, sexuality and other factors. When you learn to live with differences, your life will be calmer and you will undoubtedly be a better person.

Be kind

A “please”, “thank you”, “you’re welcome” never goes out of style. There is no good person who is not polite and kind. So, know that this is one of the pillars to become someone better. Also, practice kindness. Smile at the one who smiles at you, greet the one who greets you.

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show love and praise

Has anyone from your job done something great? Make sure to praise. Praise the people who are around, who have offered you a service, it turns another day. Also make sure to show your love for the people you love and want around. Show how important they are in your life.


Take at least one day a year to volunteer. In addition, you can provide other help throughout the year, such as donating clothes you no longer use and are sitting in the closet or buying raffles at charity. The important thing is to help those who need it.

Complain less

Throughout life, some people will come across this colleague who only knows how to complain. He complains about work, work, college and having bad grades. It doesn’t matter the reason, but the person is still complaining. In addition to being troublesome for those who live, the complaint directly interferes with life. Be more grateful, learn to deal with everyday difficulties and complain less.

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do therapy

Therapy is something that everyone should be able to do. In it, the person learns to deal with emotions, problems, knows himself better, learns to deal with differences in society, helps to find motivation and, among other things, benefits. The change to be a better person starts from within.

be someone confident

Confidence when lost is hard to regain. So be someone your friends trust completely, be the person who if someone tells you a secret, don’t spread what they told you. This way a lot of people will know they can count on you in a tough time.

Take care of you

Study, read at least one book a month, put procrastination aside and exercise, take care of your health and diet. Don’t leave it for later!

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