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One of the biggest trends in the makeup world for the year 2021 and is also the bet for 2022, is the illuminated makeup, called shine makeup. Whether in a light makeup or more elaborate, the light is always present and can vary from person to person, with more or less shine, but always with a shine. Discover now the best radiance makeup ideas to inspire and reproduce on you.

What radiance makeup?

Glow makeup is nothing more than illuminated makeup. The word glow is glow in English, that is to say, it refers to a style of makeup that is increasingly shiny on certain specific points.

This glow does not only come from the illuminator used under the skin, because currently, naturally glowing skin is valued.

For this, we use lighter foundations with a glossy finish, avoiding the mat foundation and also moisturizers under the foundation, which also provide this natural glow effect.

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natural shine makeup

First of all, we separate a natural light makeup. In this case, the skin is achieved with a base without a matte finish, with light to medium coverage and strategic points of the face illuminated to provide the effect of naturalness.

In addition, in the eyes, highlighters are also used under the eyebrows and the strongest shadows are left out. The bright spots on natural skin are: above the cheek, below the eyebrows and on the tip of the nose.

Like the base used, the highlighter is also more natural and has a slightly less glittery sheen. Discover some great ideas to inspire you and copy:

shine makeup 1
shine makeup 2
shine makeup 3
shine makeup 4
shine makeup 5

elaborate shine makeup

Perfect for night out and occasions that require makeup with a thicker, taller finish. In this case, a matte finishing base can be used, as the illuminator is usually more powerful.

More points are illuminated in elaborate makeup, in this case besides those mentioned above (under eyebrows, tip of nose and cheekbones) other parts are also highlighted with illumination. These are: the inner corner of the eyes (the corner of the teardrop), eyeshadows with a lot of shine, the nose, the chin, above the lips and the neck.

Because it is more elaborate, it can be combined with stronger and darker eye shadows and also with larger false eyelashes.

To make your makeup even more radiant, also use the blush with shine and apply with the highlighter on the cheekbones. See below for several elaborate and well-lit makeup ideas:

glow makeup 6
shine makeup 7
@ carla.cristinapi
shine makeup 8
@ photos_n.p2
shine makeup 9
shine makeup 10
shine makeup 11
shine makeup 12
@ seliga.namake

colorful makeup

Color makeup can go both ways, either for more natural makeup and just a few brightly colored elements, or very colorful and with a heavier finish.

For the natural, color-illuminated finish, opt for less pigmented but brighter contours and golden shadows.

For more elaborate makeup, in addition to the more eye-catching eye shadow colors, use thicker and larger sparkle glitter. And of course, don’t forget to lighten the right spots on the face in makeup styles to bring glow to the skin. Here are some amazing ideas to inspire you:

shine makeup 17
shine makeup 13
shine makeup 14
shine makeup 15
@ a.adrieledias
shine makeup 16

How to make your lips shine?

It is also possible to leave the lips with this lightened effect and for this you will need a gloss. To make it more natural, with the gloss, go for lighter lipsticks like brown, nude and pink.

But if you want a flashy glowy mouth, go for a vibrant shade, like red, and enhance the color with a transparent gloss on top.

Also, if you want to shine even more, go for a glitter gloss. Check out some glowing lip ideas to inspire you:

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shine makeup 18
Photo: Kylie Jenner
shine makeup 19
shine makeup 20
shine makeup 21

What are the essential light points to build glowing skin?

To make a glow makeup, you have to lighten the right places of the face, see a table below to help you find the right places:

where to apply the illuminator (2)
How to properly apply lighting
  1. under the eyebrows
  2. on the cheekbones
  3. at the end of the nose
  4. on the tip of the chin
  5. Internal corner of the eyes (tear corner)
  6. on the upper lip

How to make the skin shine?

In addition to brightening the good points of the face once the makeup is ready, it is also necessary to carry out a specific skin preparation to obtain this effect.

  • Use a shine moisturizer under foundation or a shiny primer;
  • Prefer a foundation with a moisturizing effect instead of a matte one;
  • Apply the sealing powder only on the T zone (forehead, nose and chin) and leave the other points with the down of the base;
  • Apply the illuminator correctly;
  • Choose shimmering eye shadows over opaque shadows and go for glitter;
  • Finish the makeup with a glitter mist to leave the skin glowing.

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