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In Asia, one of the best skin care products appears, aiming beyond looks but also benefits for the same, resulting in amazing and enviable skin around the world. And one of the most important steps in facial treatment is to remove impurities and makeup, thus avoiding a series of problems. O cleansing oil has this function and is very popular with enthusiasts of skin care, especially facial cleansing.

What is makeup remover oil?

It is a product to remove make-up and cleanse the face, protecting the PH and preserving the natural oils of the skin. While the traditional products on the market are based on water and alcohol, the Asian product has revolutionized and brought an oil-based makeup remover. The translation of the product is self-explanatory, it is a cleansing oil.

cleansing oil
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Why is it?

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Cleansing oil, when applied to the face, allows used products such as creams, makeup and the like to melt and peel easily from the skin, without the need to keep rubbing or even removing the skin’s natural oils, which is important to prevent dryness and cracking.

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What are the advantages of using it?

It is a skin cleanser, that is, it will not change your skin on its own, since it is necessary to make a combination of care with it. However, by cleaning the skin without removing the natural oils, it leaves the face healthy and free from problems such as chapped skin.

It is also capable of removing dead skin cells, which can eventually clog pores and cause dreaded acne breakouts. In addition, it promotes very effective cleaning, above products already used on the market and ideal cleaning, prevents premature aging, prevents the appearance of wrinkles and also helps control acne.

Can people with oily skin use makeup remover oil?

Yes, people with oily skin may be afraid to get oil under this type of skin. But in fact, this product can even help you. The oil contained in the makeup remover is “good” and does not stay on the skin, like a cream for example. This product can help to control it because it balances the PH of the skin and therefore does not leave your skin even more oily. But of course, if used correctly.

How to use?

It’s very easy to use cleansing oil in your skincare routine:

  1. The first step is to apply the product to the entire face;
  2. Using your hands, massage to remove makeup or impurities;
  3. You can apply on the eyelids, just be careful not to fall into the eyes, because it is very effective in removing eyelashes as a mask, especially waterproof;
  4. Just wash your face with your face soap and you’re good to go!

How many times a day can I use it?

It is recommended to use once a day, especially for oily skin. Use the product at night to remove makeup or to remove impurities accumulated during the day, such as pollution. In other words, you can use it every day of the week and once a day.

Which are the best on the market?

Find out which brands are the most successful when it comes to oily makeup removers now and see the prices for each:

Make-up removing oil (1)
Photo: Pajaris
  1. Gokujyun Oil Cleansing – makeup remover oil with hyaluronic acid 200ml, Hada Labo: 81.90 BRL

  2. Bioré cleansing oil for all skin types – 62.00 BRL
  3. La Roche-Posay Lipikar AP Cleansing Oil – BRL 100.00
  4. Take The Day Off Clinic Cleansing Oil – 178.12 BRL
  5. Vizzela 100% Vegan Cleansing Oil – R $ 39.99

Where to buy makeup remover oil?

The product can be found at major drugstore chains and cosmetic stores, both online and in person. Keep in mind that this is a new product in Brazil and most brands are imported, so its value is higher than that of a common makeup remover.


Cleansing with makeup remover oil can be used for all skin types, but before adding or removing any skincare product, it is important to consult a dermatologist. In addition, if any unwanted effects such as itching, redness or rash occur, discontinue use immediately.

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