Makeup for black skin: a professional gives valuable advice

THE reconcile it has the power to transform a woman’s self-esteem and learning the right techniques to do it alone makes all the difference. Fortunately, over time, specialized makeup artists have appeared. black skin, who has helped women with this skin color to apply makeup properly and not make a common mistake of leaving their skin gray.

For this, the pajaris brought professional makeup tips for black skin so you can’t go wrong and learn how to improve all your features. To better explain, we invite Lizy santos, makeup artist with black skin and makeup specialist for women of this complexion. We separate the most important points to make your brand amazing.

How to know the basic tone of black skin?

A very common problem that women with dark skin face is choosing the wrong shade of foundation and getting a grayish appearance. But according to makeup artist from Minas Gerais, Lizy Santos, a specialist in black skin, gave advice on making the right choice with ease. According to the professional, there are two steps that will help you when purchasing your base.

makeup for black skin
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Discover your undertone

“The secret to choosing the right foundation is very simple. The first step is identify your shade of skin, if it is hot or cold”, Lizy said and explained that there are undertones pulled towards reddish / orange and yellowish tones.

What was a problem today, Lizy pointed out that the market is investing more and more in bases for black women: “Today on the national market, there are already a lot of good brands and with a very wide range of tones for black skin, which is already a big step forward for black women”.

test the base

The second step is most suitable for those who are going to buy a foundation for the first time, it is to test it on their own face. Make-up artist Lizy gave advice on how to properly test the foundation on the face to make the right choice: “always applying a small amount of product in the jaw, central part of the face and neck. Wait a few minutes for the base to dry to give the product its true color. The ideal color should be very close to your skin tone ”.

two shades

According to the makeup artist, some women with dark skin have two shades of foundation, so it is important in this case to test several shades of foundation. Lizy explained why this is happening: “Because of the large amount of melanin in black skin. Many women have two shades on the face, one darker on the outside like the chin, forehead and near the ears and under the eyes and neck, and a little lighter on the middle part like the cheeks, between the eyebrows near the mouth and nose “.

“It is extremely important to observe whether the face has two shades and in this case, I always recommend using two base shades depending on the color of the face, always testing the bases where there is that color difference. If a woman who has two shades on her face and uses a base of one shade, for example, lighter on the part of the face where it is darker, that area will certainly be gray ”.

Illuminator for dark skin

makeup for black skin 2
Photo: @lizysantos_makeup

For perfect skin, the illuminator cannot be left out, Lizy Santos explained the importance of using the illuminator: “It can be used for many purposes, including improving features, brightening the face and eyes, giving a healthier appearance.”

However, just like foundation, for women new to the makeup world, they don’t know which shades to bet on to make those spots of light. “The most suitable colors for black women are the more golden tones, bronze and copper, avoiding highlighter with very light particles like silver, because the background of these products bursts under the light and leaves the skin of an appearance. whitish”, he stressed.

Where to apply the illuminator?

According to the makeup artist specializing in black skin, the highlighter can be applied:

  • On the lips;
  • On the tip of the nose;
  • Internal corner of the eyes;
  • On the top of the cheek;
  • Under the brow bone (above the concave).

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What is the best eye shadow color for dark skin?

Professional makeup goes beyond shapely skin, all elements of makeup should be in harmony with dark skin. Makeup artist Lizy explained that women with dark skin should avoid cold and silvery eye shadows, but she revealed which are the most harmonious colors to invest in:

“To enhance the look, black women have a variety of colors. I always indicate warm tones like brown, copper, gold, black. For the more daring orange, yellow, purple, dark blue, pink and purple ”.

makeup for black skin 3
Photo: @lizysantos_makeup
makeup for black skin
Photo: @lizysantos_makeup
makeup for black skin
Photo: @lizysantos_makeup

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How to choose the right color of lipstick?

For makeup artist Lizy Santos, there is no right or wrong color for black women. When it comes to makeup, the taste and personality of each woman is always taken into account and what she wants to convey to people through makeup. “Black women can abuse virtually any color of lipstick. For the more classic and discreet, I always indicate a nude with brown, lilac, pink, earthy tones and the famous lip gloss. For more daring pinks, pinks, more closed reds, wines or dark browns “, informed.

makeup for black skin 6
Photo: @lizysantos_makeup

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What is essential in makeup for beginners?

First of all, the main thing is the products. To assemble a basic kit for doing professional makeup are:

  • Set of brushes;
  • Two bases (depending on the tone of the face);
  • Liquid paper;
  • Translucent powder;
  • Compact powder with color for contouring;
  • To blush;
  • Illuminator;
  • Fixing mist;
  • Lipstick;
  • Eyeliner;
  • Eyelash mask;
  • Pen delimiting.

In addition to the essential products for your toiletry bag, Lizy Santos underlined the important points for a professional effect: “The most important thing is training. Lots of training, because practice makes perfect. Practice, know your face and the right products ”.

Okay, now practice at home to improve yourself every day in makeup!

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