Natural incense attracts positive energies to the environment

the story of natural incense it is about the human relationship with fire. After all, it didn’t take long for our ancestors to discover that burning certain plants gave off delicious aromas.

Over time, frankincense has been used as an offering to the gods and has even been disputed by kings and various nations. In fact, it is said that in Alexandria, in ancient Egypt, it was so precious that slaves worked almost naked so as not to steal incense from inside their clothes.

Today, science knows that aromatherapy is powerful. This is because its influence applies to both the emotional and energetic field of a person or environment. You can use incense to balance energies, purify, aid in meditation practice, or just leave a nice smell in the house.

So let’s know a little more about the natural incense and learn to make your own homemade versions.

What is natural incense

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natural incense
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You can find many options of brands and types of incense in the market. And a lot of people believe that everyone is natural. However, it takes careful consideration of the ingredient list to confirm this information.

First, the real one natural incense it smells better and burns longer. But the main positive point is that it does not contain any agents harmful to health, such as glue, gunpowder, formaldehyde and lead, for example. These substances can be very dangerous and even carcinogenic. In addition, it is made from natural oils and herbs and its smoke is lighter.

Incense: benefits and functions

advantages and functions
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Although you are more concerned with the aroma than the indication to use the natural incense, it is worth knowing the benefits it provides.

One of its greatest properties is, in fact, to promote an energetic cleansing of the environment. In this sense, bet on incense made from pitch-white and rue, which helps to purify.

It is also very common to light incense to accompany moments of meditation, especially when the natural incense contains myrrh and frankincense.

In addition, you can combat stress with calming herbs. Among them we have lavender, camphor and rose. The latter still has an aphrodisiac and antidepressant power.

Moreover, you can use it to mentalize desires and goals. Take the opportunity to burn herbs with stimulating characteristics that improve productivity. In other words, opt for incense made with orange, rosemary, lemon, cloves and cinnamon.

How to make natural incense

how to make natural incense
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Curious to learn how to make your own natural incense? Because we teach you!

First of all, you need to choose herbs. The best and easiest to find are rosemary, lavender, sage, rue, mint, lemongrass, and basil. Combine a maximum of three plants at a time.

To add extra aroma, add flowers like rose or chamomile to your incense.

Add the herbs and cut them to a size of 15 to 20 cm. Then tie the branch with cotton twine. You can go around three or four times and tie knots in places so that the roll does not come off. Also, the more you squeeze, the slower the incense will burn.

The ideal is to tie the branch of incense from the bottom to the top then to go up towards the base, finishing with a knot.

lavender incense
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You can even wrap the herbs in parchment paper like a cigar. But never use plain paper or paper that has been used before. By the way, when you configure your natural incense you can write your wishes in pencil. Then tie and tie the string.

It is important to be careful when burning incense. Always use a glass, ceramic or clay jar. Light it with a match. Blow out the flame after two minutes and leave the product on the holder or walk around the rooms of the house with it to clean the room.

Try to do this in open areas and avoid exposing babies and the elderly to smoke. Both groups are more sensitive to allergies and may have more difficulty breathing.

See more tips for making your incense at home.

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