New Year’s sympathies for a more prosperous, happier and more loving life

September has arrived. Now we are definitely in the home stretch of 2020. It will be good to conclude this year because it has been so eventful for the whole world. It’s even better to welcome 2021. So let’s help us prepare for the new phase. Consult a special list with new year sympathies which promise a lot of luck, love and prosperity.

New Year’s sympathies for luck and prosperity

new year sympathies
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Since 2020 has surprised us with so many challenges, maybe it’s best to start talking about it. new year sympathies to attract good luck and prosperity.

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So, if you want a happier life, full of good surprises, good news and abundance in all areas, you can bet on one of these rituals.

lucky coin

First of all, for this sympathy you need to wrap a real coin in foil. Around 11:30 p.m. on December 31, leave it under the tablecloth on the dinner table. When the year is over and dinner is over, keep the coin in your wallet or purse for the entire year. If you decide to repeat the ritual on the next New Year’s Eve, give the old coin to a humble person.

To close good deals

This user-friendliness is ideal for anyone who has a business, regardless of its size or area of ​​expertise. So when the New Year arrives, pour a glass of champagne and step out onto the sidewalk. Throw some of the drink on the floor.

Then store what’s left in a cup with a lid under your bed, but it should be on the side you sleep on. Leave it there for three days. After this time, pour the liquid into the sink, turn on the tap and let the water wash away. You can wash the cup and use it again.

Two New Year’s sympathies to earn more money

In the first ritual, you have to put a R $ 100 bill in your wallet. So, at midnight on December 31, give thanks (to God or the universe, for example) for all the generosity of your life.

Imagine that your next year will be rich and prosperous. Always have a $ 100 bill in your wallet to attract more money.

On the other hand, for the second sympathy, a dry bay leaf is sufficient. Write the number 2021 and your name on the herb leaf. In the meantime, think about your wishes for the New Year, especially in terms of financial prosperity and professional success.

Carry bay leaf in your wallet throughout the year. On December 31, 2021, throw the leaf into nature.

Sympathies for love

love in the new year
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If you are looking for a new love or already have a relationship and want to keep the flame burning, bet on new year sympathies to warm the heart.

To attract new love

Fancy a romance in 2o21? The ritual is therefore to wear pink panties inside out on New Years Eve. Ah, the part must be new. Men can do the same, but with white underwear.

Right after the tap, you need to clear the room. And you can normally use the article later, okay?

Sympathy to be happy in love

For this sympathy, you need a bottle of orange blossom water. Then mix it with two liters of water.

When December 31st arrives, take a regular shower and then play the combination from head to toe. Consider a lot of happiness and harmony in your relationship.

Attract a marriage proposal

If you want to get married, you can invest in new year sympathies also. On December 31, give a photo frame to your boyfriend or fiancé.

Have him place it in a special and prominent place at home. On January 1, when you go to bed, say an Our Father prayer and a Hail Mary to thank you for the future request.

New Year’s sympathies to ward off negative energies

positive energies
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Do you want to attract the good energies and chase away the negative vibrations? So check out some sympathy suggestions for New Year’s Eve.

Shoo envy

To ward off the evil eye, you must first buy a pot with plants that ward off envy. Among them, we have rosemary, rue, épée-de-Saint-Jorge, pepper and basil, for example.

At the end of the year, decorate the dinner table with the vase. The next day, say a prayer asking your guardian angel to move away from all jealousy.

good energy for your home

The start of a new year is a great time to clean your home. So, take the opportunity to get rid of everything that no longer serves you.

Practice letting go! This will allow you to better allow energy to circulate in your home and throughout your life. Try to do this from the first week of January.

What to eat at the start of the new year?

pomegranate for new year
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bet on lenses

Lentil is one of the most famous ingredients in new year sympathies. You can prepare different recipes with the legume. In fact, the important thing is your presence at the New Years Eve dinner to ensure a lot of luck and plenty.

the 12 grapes

You must have already made this sympathy or, at the very least, heard of it. After all, it is one of the most famous rituals of the New Year. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to remember how it works, right? Because on December 31 at midnight, eat 12 grapes – but always one at a time.

For each, make a wish representing a month of the year. Then wrap the seeds and keep them in your wallet or purse.

Pomegranate sympathy

The pomegranate is a fruit that represents fertility and prosperity. Therefore, it is widely used in new year sympathies.

What you need to do in this particular ritual is pick three seeds and place them between your teeth at midnight. Then dry the seeds, wrap them in a piece of paper and store them throughout the year.

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