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Traveling is a delight, isn’t it? We leave our comfort zone and go to new places or even return to those we already love to visit. Whether it’s for rest or for a great backpack, traveling is always exciting! Now, pack the suitcase, not so much … That’s when we have these feelings of “Am I forgetting something?” “,” Do I need this? “,” Wow, did I exaggerate? “???

And when it comes to beauty case then! We were calculating the days, trying to reduce brands, skin products, hoping to be able to predict the future and imagine all the possibilities. But it’s a fact that we’ll never be able to know 100% of everything we’ll need, right? But ah! Trust us because we can super assemble a kit that is practical, small and light, but one that meets all our main needs! Are you curious ?? So come here because we’re going to give you some really cool advice on what products should fill your travel bag ☺

But before we start with this magic list, an important piece of advice: miniatures and travel-size products. As the size of the products will have a big influence on how much you pack, it is essential to have your products in smaller sizes so that you can fit whatever you want in your suitcase. In these cases, literally less will be more in the end. ?

Indispensable items

This is a mega-list of basic survival kits so you can make a checklist before you start organizing your kit, so you don’t have any issues:

  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Silk
  • Cotton

These don’t even need an explanation, right? No way to travel without them traveling

Skin care products

You certainly won’t be able to fit ALL of your daily beauty routine into one poor toiletry bag. Even more if you are, like us, completely in love with dermocosmetics and skin care products. But think about it: during the trip you want to relax and it is not worth worrying so much about achieving all your beauty step by step religiously. Believe me, everything will be fine, just take these essential cosmetics, which are:

  • Sunscreen: It doesn’t matter if you go to the Sahara Desert or to the North Pole. Believe me, taking a good sunscreen will save you future regrets! In addition to choosing a filter that is suitable for your skin type, it is also important to think about the climate of the place you are going. If it is too dry, suddenly a more moisturizing protector is more precise, if it is a very humid place, a product for oily skin will suit you better.
  • Thermal water: some people do not leave their homes without a bottle of thermal water. Also because it has so many benefits in this product, oh: it soothes and hydrates the skin, reduces dark circles, acts as a tonic, fights redness, fixes the mark, relieves rashes and even finishes cleaning the face. . Do you feel that your skin needs a facelift? Get some thermal water that works, I swear.
  • Facial soap: this is the story of facial soap … Have you found the ideal soap for your skin? So grab it and take it with you wherever you go.
  • Moisturizer for the body and the face: this product is essential. Bring a good moisturizer for your trips, you never know how your skin will react to changes in the weather
  • Degreasing Wipes: This is a great tip that you will never want to take out of your purse again, even when you hit the bakery. When you feel your face starting to have that annoying oil sheen, just wipe it off with a tissue and you’re ready to go! Perfect pearl in seconds, no need to touch up the mark
  • Make-up remover: the most suitable is to take the make-up remover in the form of a handkerchief. In addition to not risking spilling the product in your bag, they are great for removing makeup before going to bed.

Hair products

Here too we will follow the mantra “less is more”. Even because the packaging of hair care products is usually gigantic, right? But since it will be very difficult for you to blow up a 400ml shampoo in one run, it is essential to take smaller and more convenient products.

This short list is more complex because each person has a different hair type with different needs. Some do not travel without an iron and dryer, so it is essential to bring thermal protection, for example. But let’s try to narrow down your products to some essentials, such as:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Dry shampoo: because there will not always be time to wash your hair and this product will save you, believe me.
  • Comb or brush: a good tip is to take a Tangle Teezer, because they are super pretty and small, they don’t take up much space in the toiletry bag.
  • Finisher

Alright, it didn’t even hurt


Here the animal catches … And then we start thinking of the famous “What if …?” “:” What if a mega party happens and I don’t have my super kit of 76,247 eye shadow colors? “,” What if I need to use a different color of lipstick every day? “,” What if I want to look like Kim Kardashian and I don’t have my full contouring kit? “. Calm. You will see that it is super possible to take a very basic makeup bag that will meet any need, you just need to know how to improvise 😉

Before starting the list, one more very important tip: avoid taking liquid makeup. Both for their convenience, because they can spill in the bag, but also because we usually carry makeup in our handbag, and if you are traveling by plane, there is a limit on the volume of liquid products allowed .

Having said that, let’s get started?

  • BB Cream or CC Crem: it’s always good to use all-in-one products, right? This way we can save space and time! BB Cream offers several benefits at the same time: foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen. Ideal for you to use on your daily commute.
  • Foundation: Since you are already taking a bb cream to use during the day, take a foundation with medium or high coverage to apply in the evening, if you want to have clearer skin.
  • Fix: essential, right? With it you already felt beautiful in a few minutes.
  • Blush: try to get one that’s creamy. It won’t break or shatter all over the place, it is very convenient to apply and does not need a brush.
  • Shade: separate a very simple palette, maximum 3 colors. You can take these shades separately or buy a basic color palette! So you can either spend a little white or a smokey to go out at night.
  • Lipstick: we know it’s good to have all the options of the rainbow, but when traveling it’s not very practical to carry a multitude of products, right? Try to reduce it to two colors: a nude and a vermilion.
  • Eyelash Mask: Choose the strongest eyelash mask you have for your trip. So you can spend a little and get a low-key look, or overdo layers for a more dramatic effect!
  • Curvex: This item is optional … some people can’t do without it, others never had the courage to touch one. So if you are in the first group, don’t leave them out!
  • Illuminator: here too it’s nice to think about bringing a cream highlighter! In addition to being more practical to apply, it can sometimes cast a shadow.
  • Black pencil: The good thing about replacing a liquid eyeliner with a pencil is that it ends up being more versatile when it comes to makeup, as it gives you the option of smudging or leaving a pretty cute eye.

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