Simple makeup inspiration: 35 trends for 2021

Simple makeup is one that emphasizes the natural features of the face, without the need for a lot of products and is done in a simple way. Because it takes few products and few techniques, simple makeup is easy to do at home and anyone can do it on their own. See inspiration from simple makeup play at home.

Simple natural makeup inspiration

The natural manufacturing is with few products and perfect for everyday life. The natural is to enhance the natural features of the face, without modifying the way to refine, increase and the like. False eyelashes are not used, lipsticks are lighter, blushes have lighter undertones, and foundations have little coverage and a hydrating finish. See some inspirations:

simple makeup 1
simple makeup 2

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How to do natural makeup?

  1. The first step is to wash your face and apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin type;
  2. Then, if used during the day, apply sunscreen;
  3. Come with a light finishing base or a bb cream (the application with the sponge makes it even more natural);
  4. Apply a pink blush on your cheekbones and blend well so as not to leave a trace;
  5. Apply a natural-finish highlighter above the cheekbones;
  6. Outline your eyebrows with a shade of the shade of your hair;
  7. Apply a very light neutral eye shadow then apply an eyelash mask with natural volume;
  8. Finish with a lip shade or lipstick.

Simple natural makeup on black skin

For dark skin, natural makeup works the same way. Only use products to enhance the features and not to modify them, bet on light finishing bases (the bb cream is a great option), the lipstick can be a gloss or a lip tint, history of bring a healthy appearance to the face. The way to make the makeup remains the same as in the tutorial above. Get inspired by a few ideas:

simple makeup 6
simple makeup 7
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simple makeup 8
simple makeup 9
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simple makeup 10

Trends 2021: simple makeup with illuminator

A 2021 trend is very glowing and glowing skin. This finish can be obtained after applying the illuminator or a base with this finish. For people with oily skin, highlighting is the best option, as the highlighter can end up making it look even more oily.

The highlighter is applied above the cheekbones, on the tips of the upper lips, under the eyebrow, in the center of the nose or in the inner corner of the eyes (the corner of the tear). For black skin, gold and bronze highlighter are the best options. For white women, whites and champagne are successful.

simple makeup 11
simple makeup 12
simple makeup 13
simple makeup 14
simple makeup 15
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Simple and colorful makeup

Yes, it is possible to achieve colorful and simple makeup. In this case, only one or at most two shades of ombre is used. It doesn’t have to be a light tone to be simple. You can choose a smoky ombre tone or two mixed tones. Check out some ideas to inspire you:

colored outline

The first way to use colored eyeshadow in simple makeup is to use colored eyeliner. To achieve this eyeliner, you can choose to use eye shadow or buy the eyeliner in the color you want. Both results will be amazing. To be a simple makeup that is easy to replicate at home, the outline is just a kitty line, without a lot of other details. To be inspired:

+ Colored outline: inspirations to rock your summer makeup

simple makeup 16
simple makeup 17
simple makeup 18
simple makeup 19
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simple makeup 20

colored eyeshadow

Another way to use color in simple makeup is to use colored eyeshadow. In this case, you can choose only one tone, your favorite and mix it well so as not to have any marks. If it’s two shades, to make it even simpler and easier, choose to put the second color right in the corner of the tear or in the lower eyelid as well, even those who don’t know much about the techniques. makeup, can reproduce it. Discover some inspirations:

simple makeup 21
simple makeup 22
simple makeup 23
simple makeup 24
simple makeup 25
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Described kitten

This contour is present in all make-up, from the simplest to the brides. For simple makeup, the kitten contour is done in one stroke, it is usually not combined with eye shadow (or just an eye shadow shade) and does not need to be finished with it. a false eyelash. At first, doing the kitten’s stroke can be difficult, but over time you will lose sight of the letter. There is no way, to be an ace in the demarcated kitten, you need training, so try to do it every day.

simple makeup 26
simple makeup 27
simple makeup 28
simple makeup 29
simple makeup 30

Simple makeup with dark lipstick

Yes, you can also do simple makeup with dark lipstick. In this case, instead of putting on a lipstick or just a gloss, just replace it with a darker lipstick – the color is up to you. For more natural makeup with dark lipstick, opt for light eye shadows and the color of your skin tone. Also, to make it even more natural, just invest in an eyelash mask and avoid the hairpiece. See simple makeup inspiration with dark lipstick:

simple makeup 31
simple makeup 32
simple makeup 33
simple makeup 34
simple makeup 35
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