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Freckles are small pigmented spots, which can vary from light brown to dark brown and commonly occur in people with lighter skin. They usually appear in the first years of life and are directly linked to genetic factors or exposure to the sun. There is no risk that the sardines will develop into malignant spots, but there are some special precautions for people who have freckles, so that the spots do not increase too much.

– First Things First (translation from English: First Things First!). Sunscreen is essential for ALL SKIN TYPE, but even more so for sardine skins. And it’s not just during the summer, ok kiridas, but all year round! Sunscreen prevents the freckles from spreading further and also the darkening of the spots.

– Hydration, my loves, a lot of hydration. Freckle skin may be more sensitive and prone to dryness. This is why it is important to never give up moisturizers.

– If you like your sardines and don’t want to hide them: go for BB Cream foundations, liquid and low coverage. We taught you here in this video a trick to put on makeup and look beautiful, but without taking away the beautiful effect of sardines on your face:

– If you prefer to smooth the effect of your imperfections: you can go for pulsed light treatment from dermatologists and use home whitening treatments to support cosmetic treatment.

– Vitamin C! There it is a smooth and healthy acid, which is very good for the skin, and which also acts by smoothing the small spots. It is worth including it in your skin care routine.

– Peels! Whether they are homemade (with suitable products) or carried out in a dermatological practice, peels are excellent boosters in the treatment of imperfections. It promotes cell renewal and accelerates the process of smoothing freckles.

With so many mara tips, we can only say, the choice is yours. But your freckles are beautiful yes, don’t let them tell you otherwise. 😉

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