The Nero cap promises to straighten your hair without a flat iron

In search of alternatives that preserve the structure of the strands and maintain the hair in good health, the technique of nero cap. It is a way to smooth hair and reduce frizz without using heat or any other product that can compromise the health of the hair, being a great ally of women in the beauty routine.

If you want better hair and don’t know how to go about it, check out the technique that dominates the beauty routine of Brazilian women. Learn step by step how to do it at home and how to have amazing hair.

What it is for and the advantages of the Nero cap

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The cap is known for smoothing out strands and reducing frizz, but the benefits of wearing it go beyond that. Nero’s cap manages to smooth the hair by holding the strands firmly so that it does not wrinkle or get messed up while sleeping. Frizz is controlled for the same reason.

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The hair is tied up in a cap, in a way which is well attached to the leather and with this, it prevents the hair from breaking while sleeping. Another main advantage is to increase the durability of straightening procedures, whether flat iron or progressive. In addition, it is used to reduce volume and increase shine, as it ensures that the hydration stays in the hair longer.

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Nero’s cap step by step

There are basically two ways to make Nero’s cap, the first uses staples and the second with tights. Learn the two ways to have healthier hair with a lot less frizz.

Remember that both shapes are suitable for both short and long hair. The technique does not change with the size of the length. And this can be done every day, there is no contraindication to using the Nero cap.

nero result cap
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How to make a Nero cap with tights and without bobby pins

  1. The first step is to comb the strands well and detangle them completely;
  2. Part the hair in half and apply a tip repairer;
  3. After applying the repairer, comb your hair to the end (from left to right or vice versa);
  4. Pull well so that no thread sticks out;
  5. Then put the pantyhose on your head and the hair that was left out, you start combing from the back (the back of the neck) and pushing it forward;
  6. Keep combing and put it inside the cap;
  7. When all of the thread is inside the cap, carefully lay out the threads that have been “starched”;
  8. Then, in the direction that you have tied the hair, carefully rotate the cap so that the hair is allied;
  9. The longer you keep the cap on your hair, the better the result. The minimum time is 1 hour and the ideal is to sleep with a Nero hat for a better effect.

How to make a Nero cap with staples

  1. You will need bobby pins, if your hair is too thick, go for bigger bobby pins;
  2. First, part the hair in the middle (all hair, even the hair at the nape of the neck);
  3. Then you will take the left side and start taking it to the right, painting well so that it is straight;
  4. Secure the ends with staples and if necessary, place several to secure them;
  5. Repeat the process with the remaining lock, moving backwards, from the right side to the left;
  6. To avoid the risk of loosening or spoiling, put the tights on top and stay as long as possible with the cap on your head.

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Satin cup helps control frizz

In addition to the tights and the Nero cap with just the pins, there is a third way to straighten your hair without a flat iron. The satin beanie has been worn by many women for years to control frizz and is the best option.

Unlike the previous two shapes, this one is a bit more expensive due to the high value of the cap, but the end result is worth it.

The way to put on the satin cap is the same, you can do it with or without staples. Then put it on and sleep with the hat on your head for incredible results. Besides keeping the hair straight, the satin cap does not absorb moisture from the hair, leaving strands shinier and healthier.

This type of stopper can be found in perfumeries, pharmacies and on the internet, on sites such as Mercado Livre.

nero cap

Now you know how to make your hair more beautiful, healthier and smoother in just a few steps. It is an old technique, but it brings many advantages to the threads!

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