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A few years ago, the use of activated charcoal has gained a place in Brazilian women’s skin care and is enjoying success because of its benefits for the skin. According to Brasil Escola’s definition, activated carbon is nothing more than pure carbon with great granulation.

This use has been used for millennia in natural medicine among the Egyptians and Greeks. In addition to its use in medicine and on the skin, as a form of beauty treatment, activated carbon is also used in animal husbandry and household products, such as in the raw material of the refrigerator to prevent the emission of gas and also in filters for water treatment.

Today, beauty product brands have realized the benefits of using activated charcoal on the skin and have created moisturizing or deep cleansing masks by using it.

What are the benefits of activated charcoal on the skin?

Now find out what these benefits are, what are the best ready-made charcoal products available on the market, and how to use them correctly.

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how to make an activated charcoal mask
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improves acne

Certain types of acne are caused by an excessive production of sebum, the accumulation of toxins and bacteria in the face, which clog the pores and form the famous blackheads. If your acne is not hormonal, activated charcoal will help reduce swelling, redness, and in some cases even make this problem go away.

This is due to the high absorption power of activated charcoal which, when it comes into contact with the skin, can suck out these trapped bacteria and thus prevent the birth of pimples. In addition, it controls the smoothness of the skin, by sucking up excess sebum.

Eliminates toxins

For healthier skin, it is necessary to eliminate toxins, thus avoiding premature aging and the dreaded wrinkles. For this, count on the help of activated carbon, which can suck up these impurities. In this case, toxins are removed in the same way as sebum from acne, because the card has a high absorption power.

Ally in the insect bite

Who has never been bitten by an ant and had the red, itchy spot ?! It is a boring but routine event for many people. But to get rid of the symptoms of insect bites like ants, bees and mosquitoes, use activated charcoal. To do this, just apply it on the spot and this product will work by neutralizing the toxins of the insect venom and thus reducing the symptoms. It should be noted that, for poisonous bites, find a hospital and no try to treat at home with activated charcoal.

Minimizes large pores

All people have pores, it is estimated that the face has around 300,000 pores, which are nothing more than small holes in the skin. Pores are important for the health of the skin, however, some of these pores eventually dilate (open) and dirt collects in them, causing wrinkles and acne. Activated charcoal is able to neutralize the pores, return them to their natural size and thus prevent skin problems caused by these enlarged holes.

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Eliminate dead cells

Its powder contains a granulation, so it ends up exfoliating the skin at the time of application. This exfoliation is important for cell renewal, these dead cells that can clog pores and produce new ones. This prevents the onset of acne and also prevents premature aging.

How many times a week can I apply?

For oily skin, activated charcoal can be used up to 2 times a week. If your skin is dry, once a week is enough to achieve satisfactory results. Do not apply in excess so as not to remove natural oils and moisture from the skin.

How to prepare your homemade activated charcoal mask

Instead of buying a ready-made mask, you can make your own at home and thus control the ingredients used.


  • Natural activated carbon powder (if compressed, crush it into powder);
  • The water.

How to register

  1. After mixing the ingredients and obtaining a homogeneous mass, apply the activated charcoal mask to clean skin (if possible, take a shower or wet your face with lukewarm water to help the mask penetrate the skin);
  2. Avoid applying to the eye area;
  3. Leave on for 15 minutes;
  4. After this time, remove under running water.


Before starting any new skin treatment, the first step is to seek professional help to guide you with the best products and also find out what your skin type is. Like any product, activated charcoal is not recommended for some people, find out if it is on the list:

  • people with rosacea
  • very dry skin
  • peel the skins
  • People who take acidic treatment on the skin

Activated charcoal usually has no adverse effects on the skin, but if you notice itching, redness or something like that, stop use immediately.

Active carbon masks on the market

Get to know the five most popular activated charcoal masks on the market now and see the value of each:

activated carbon mask (1)

  1. Chata De Galocha Activated Charcoal Face Mask – 49.90 BRL
  2. Neo Essens Activated Charcoal Facial Mask39.99 BRL
  3. Bioage activated charcoal facial mask – 155.00 BRL
  4. Avon Charcoal Black Facial Mask with Clear Skin18.99 BRL

  5. Vult Charcoal Detox Face Mask – 24.21 BRL

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