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More and more present in homes as an object of decoration, the Dream filter brings a rustic and zen air to the environments. With different shapes and colors, it can give a special touch to the living room or bedroom. But, in addition to being an object of decoration, the dream Catcher – original name, in English – is a mystical amulet, which suggests protection against negative energies and dreams.

What is the dream filter?

Dream filter
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O dream Catcher, or dream filter, is an amulet that has its origins in North American Indian culture, specifically the Ojibwa tribe, who had a close connection to nature and many spiritual beliefs. However, it was in the 1960s that the object gained popularity and began to be marketed around the world. Nowadays, the dream filter is present in the decoration of bedrooms and living rooms and even at weddings. T-shirt prints and tattoos are also on the rise.

However, in addition to decorating, the dream filter has the task of protecting against negative energies and dreams, depending on their origin. The Ojibwa Indians believed that, during the night, good and bad energies circulated and that this handicraft object would have the power to filter them. Originally, it consists of a circle made of weeping willow fibers, which serves as a sort of mesh for intertwined threads, forming a spider’s web. In the center, a small circular opening, through which good dreams can pass, and below feathers and other ornaments, such as stones and pearls, for example.

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Each part of the dream filter has a symbology. The larger circle represents the cycles of life. The web, our dreams, our choices and everything that is linked to our daily life and that shapes our existence. The circular opening in the center, in turn, would be our inner Self and the feathers are related with air, wisdom and courage. Their colors can vary and convey different sensations, depending on their meanings. In addition, tradition suggests that the dream filter should be placed where it can receive sunlight. In this way, the nightmares that got stuck in the web overnight disappear.

white dream filter
Photo: Pixabay

DIY: know how to do it

First of all, know that the dream filter is a very easy craft object to make. Besides adding your own special touch to the item, you will definitely love to make your own amulet. Some models are more complicated. But if you are just starting out, check out some very simple tutorials and do it yourself:


With wool in the coffee strainer

with an old CD

With string, ring, scissors and lighter

easy point

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