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It is open (almost officially) the sunny season in our country. In the hot season, beach, sun, pool party and parties. ☀️ It is while taking advantage of the heat of the sun and because we are in the week of the biggest music festival in Brazil (and we know that you are going to put your head in the sun) that we decided to talk about FPS. That’s right, that little number that’s written on the packaging of your sunscreen and no one really understands how it works.

If we tell you your protector has SPF 90, it won’t guarantee protect more UV rays, do you think? Hi what do you mean #confusx?

Without a doubt, the higher the SPF, the more protected your skin will be. But the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) determines the time that the skin can be exposed to the sun without causing ‘erythema’, which is the redness of the skin due to the vasodilation of the skin capillaries (which indicates that your skin is about to be sunburned ). In other words, if your skin is exposed to the sun without any product and it takes 10 minutes to show redness, your skin with an SPF 15 protector will take 15 x 10 minutes to redden, for a total of 150 minutes. Protected longer? Yes, but we know that it’s not just sunburn that you need to protect yourself!

There are three types of solar radiation:

THE UVC it has a greater potential to cause erythema, but thanks to the ozone layer that surrounds the planet, this radiation does not reach us. (did I hear an amen? ??? God is at the top)
THE UVB it has less potential to damage the skin than UVC, but it is the main cause of redness and burning in the body of the people.
THE GRAPE has a low potential to cause burns, however, is the type of radiation that most causes skin cancer and skin aging due to its ability to penetrate deeper into the skin. Aaaaah! Total chaos !!! ??

So, gentlemen, it’s not enough to just look for sunscreen with just one eye on the SPF number. Let’s take advantage of these descriptions at UVA, okay?

Here are some old (and good) tips for using the protector:

  • You don’t have the same protector with the UVA + UVB benefits? No problem, combine the protectors. Use both. What is not possible is to remain unprotected. ?
  • Apply your sunscreen at least 20 minutes before sun exposure.
  • Don’t be hard bread. None of that. Not even. PLAY ON THE SHIELD! You can even take a shower with him and go out white. ??

**You want to know which protector to choose for Your skin type and needs? We covered this in another article, right here.**

Enjoy!! Expose yourself (with limits). But always protect yourself, no exceptions.

Lots of love?

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